Chapter 3

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-Louis' POV-


    "YO, CURLY. WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY TOMS?" I shouted downstairs.

    "WHICH ONES?" He shouted back.

    "THE RED ONES." I yelled.

    "Good Lord. Do you have to yell?" Niall grumbled as he devoured his fifth piece of toast.

    "THEY'RE IN THE CLOSET. Hehe, in the closet." Harry, Niall, Zayn, and I laughed at his poor attempt at a joke, while Liam sat there looking quite confused. I ran to the closet and slid on my Toms. I checked my hair in the mirror for the third time before joining the boys.

    "You took more time getting ready than Zayn!" Niall exclaimed with a few glances at Zayn.

    "Are we meeting the girls at Starbucks?" I asked. I cringed at my voice. I sounded a little too excited.

    "Yeah, they said they're on their way, so let's go." Liam ushered us out the front door. The ride there felt like a million years long. I was excited and nervous when we walked in the door. I immediately spotted Stella at the front of the line. The guy taking her order seemed to be spending a little too much time flirting with her. I felt my hands ball up into fists. Immediately, I wondered why I was so angry. She wasn't my girlfriend. I barely knew her. The boys and I grabbed our drinks and joined the girls.

    "Hey, tardies." Jenna grinned before sipping some pink-tinted drink.

    "What the hell are you drinking?! It'" Niall studied the cup for a minute.

    "Strawberry frappuccino." She giggled to herself before taking another drink. I looked over at Stella, and I noticed that she was already looking at me. Most girls would have dropped their gaze, but she didn't. She just looked into my blue eyes.

    "Earth to Stella..?" I waved my hand in front of her face. She immediately jumped back.

    "Sorry. I zone out a lot." She blushed a deep red. God, she was just so cute.

    "Whatcha thinkin' 'bout, Stell?" Niall looked into her huge hazel eyes curiously.

    "Oh, you know. Stuff." She waved her hand dismissively, as if it wasn't important. I could tell the other boys were curious, but they didn't ask.


-Stella's POV-


    "Jesus, Stella. You've gotta buy that dress." Jenna grinned up at me. She literally has to look up because she's so short. The girl's 19, and she's only 5'1.

    "I only tried it on because you guys practically forced me. Anyway, when am I ever gonna need a dress this fancy?" I asked Jen and the boys.

    "You never knooow." Niall said in a sing-song voice, which earned glares from all the boys. Immediately, he looked scared. I laughed as I went to go change back into my clothes. I carried the dress out of the dressing room. Louis ran by me and snatched the dress. I looked around the store in confusion. I found him at the register, paying for the dress.

    "Hey! You shouldn't have paid for the dress. Let me pay you back." I held out a wad of cash, but he shoved it towards me.

    "No. I'm paying, and nothing you say will make me change my mind." He responded. I pouted while he grinned at me. The mall began playing Good Time by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen, and I started singing quietly to myself. Maybe I wasn't as quiet as I thought, because the boys looked at me with their mouths wide open.

    "You're an amazing singer." Liam smiled encouragingly at me, while Jenna joined in. The boys turned to her in amazement.

    "You're absolutely amazing." Niall blurted out.

    "Aww, you cheeky Irish boy, you." I teased him as he blushed a deep red. We walked through the mall without saying a word. Finally, Niall broke the silence.

    "I'M HUNGRY." He shouted. I laughed as we headed to the closest Nando's.


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