Chapter 8:

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As I drove home I didn't understand where I went wrong. I loved Giovanni...I did...but...I needed more. I couldn't explain. Know what! I don't need to! Hell I'm grown!

When I arrived at my dorm, I sat in my car and thought. You know what? This is all HER fault! If that bitch wanna have some business with me I guess we can do that.

Next time I see her...That ass is mines!

I got out the car and ran up to my dorm. When I walked in I could smell a faint smoke odor. "After I told them hoes not to be smoking in my damn room!" I walked in and started cleaning up. I walked around picking up soda cans, little orange packs from rolling papers and leftovers from blunts. "What they do have a celebration party or some shit?" I hated cleaning up after grown ass people! After I washed up the few dishes, I went to see if Lex and Drea were in their rooms. NOPE! GREAT!

I went into my bathroom and ran me a steaming hot lavender bubble bath. As I undressed, I got a good look of myself in the mirror. I ain't even gone lie. You wouldn't think that's someone like HER would be able to do this kind of damage to a person. I had two black eyes, my lip was busted, my nose looked somewhat swollen and my face was a reddish-purple from bruising. I had a knot on my head from when KeMyni was banging my damn head on the kitchen floor. I shook my head.

As I was about to step in, someone started banging on my door. "KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK." UGGGHHHHH! I wrapped up in a towel and walked into the livingroom. As I looked out the peep hole I seen him. Davonte! I opened the door and jumped straight into his arms! Just what I needed! He pulled me off of him and looked at me.

"Yo what the hell happened to you!?"

"Long story short, KeMyni beat my ass, Gio knows I been cheating, and he knows about US!"

I could tell by the surprised look on his face that he was in shock.

"Damn....KeMyni did that?!....WAIT! THAT EXPLAINS THE VOICEMAIL I GOT FROM GIO!" he said while pulling me by my hands back into my room.

"Okay Giovanni called me earlier but I was playing ball. This the voicemail he left me." As Davonte unlocked his phone and called the voicemail, I sat down. He put the phone on speaker and held it out next to me.

"Say my niggah, me an you got some shit to discuss. Yo bitch ass betta be ready!" I felt my heart begin pounding at the cold tone in Giovanni's voice.

"I knew I shouldn't have started fuckin with yo ass!" Davonte said flopping on the bed. "This shit is unbelievable."

"Baby, it's all gone be just fine. I got something for both of they asses." I got up and kissed Davonte on his lips and walked into the bathroom. I cut on some music, stepped into the tub and let my whole day unravel.


Oh.k short chapter I know lol. BUT! Is Cassey on some otha stuff or WHAT! What do youh think she has planned for Giovanni and KeMyni? Guess we gone have to seeee!!

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