Part 7

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Brooke POV

I wake up the next morning and i drag myself out of my bed. I really dont want to go to dance today, but i have to otherwise miss Abby will yell at me and probably throw a chair again and i cant wait to see Brandon and Nick. I go into the bathroom and decide to  curl my hair and put it in a bun. I do my makeup and go back in my room to get dressed. I put on black booty shorts and a purple and white crop top. i look in the mirror and then go downstairs when my mom yells its time to go.I grab an apple and my dance bag and head out to the car. We get to dance and i run in and i  have 20 minutes until dance starts so i head up to the moms room and sit down and eat my apple. Then, Nick comes in and sits by me. "Hey Nicky!", i say cheerfully. " How was your date last night?", he says. " It was fun, i guess". i say. He stares at me for a minute and then says, " well im really exited for tonight, i have a great night planned".  " I cant wait!!", i say cheerfully. Its not really weird going on a date with Nick because we hang out a lot. But we've never really hung out alone together. Then, i start to think about last night with Brandon and how we kissed. I feel like im betraying him by going out with Nick tonight. Just then, i start to cry because im so confused with everything going on. Nick asks whats wrong. I tell him about the kiss with Brandon. He says, " Everything will be ok, it will all work out", he says trying to comfort me. Then, miss Abby calls us downstairs for rehearsel, Before we go. Nick wipes the smeared makeup from under my eyes and pulls me in for a hug. NIck really knows how to comfort someone.

Nick POV

I really hate seeing Brooke like this. Its all because of Brandon, She should be with me, not that jerk. Im gonna do whatever it takes to make sure Brooke is happy. I love her and she needs someone who likes her not for her looks but for her and her personality. Brandon likes her beacause shes hot. Which she is. But shes also extremely smart, nice, funny, and caring. We go downstairs and go to rehearsal.

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