* Beau's POV *

My girl wasn't here with me, cuddling with me, playing around with me and to even kiss me. Stephanie is gone. All I knew was...nothing. I remember Brittany told me Steph was receiving anonymous texts and thought they were from me but I just wish I knew where that person told her to go. It couldn't be far from here since she walked, I hope, her car is still there and I can't stand seeing it.

It was 1a.m and I was still wide awake, laying on my back trying to figure out where my girlfriend is, of she is okay or not. When I lean who did this to her, they're dead.

I needed to get out of my dorm and I went for a walk.

*next day.*

News go around quickly here, everyone was looking at me and whispering things, others would come up to me to tell me it'll be all right, they will find her. Can't they all just shut up?

In my math class, Harry came and sat next to me.

" hey man. You know it's not your fault!" Harry told me patting my back.

" actually it is." I told him angrily " I should of went to her dorm and take her out, I should of called her, text her, anything, not just wait for her. It's all my damn fault." I finished before rushing out of class. I could hear Harry coming after me but I didn't listen until he told me " lets try and find clues. Shall we?" I stopped and looked at him.

" you sure, I mean I would love your help but you sure?" I asked

" for sure mate, your my roommate, my best mate and your girlfriend is lost. I know you would do the same if Brittany went missing." he told me as we started walking out of the building.

" thanks mate. It means a lot. Well we look in that direction * as I pointed to the south* yesterday so why not look in this direction?* turning my body to the north." I asked him.

" sounds good to me." he told me as he started walking.

" you sure she was walking?" Harry asked me after a long silence.

" Well her car is still in the parking lot and she wouldn't of taken the bus, I know that so I assume, yes she walked." I responded hoping I was right.

" If she walked, she must have been around here." Harry told me.

We got to an intersection and decided to turn right. We were still looking around, hoping to find some clues, but no luck until I stopped in front of this small forest.

" Harry." I said before running towards that forest. He ran after me saying " what what?"

I just held the scarf up. " what ? It's a scarf.. I mean.. " he told me confused.

" I know it's a damn scarf. But it's Stephanie's. I told her I loved it on her. It was my favorite." I said smelling it hoping it still smelled like her.

" do you think... Do you think that was the last place she has been..? Like before she got lost?" Harry asked me trying to find the right words.

" I think so.." I told him before going into the forest.

Maybe, just maybe she was in there alive or.. Or dead.

I try to make myself think positive, that'll I'll find her alive, all good, like nothing happened but it's so hard.

" steph, babe where are you? I miss you like crazy." I whispered to myself as I was looking around with no luck.

Maybe after all, she got kidnapped and was brought somewhere not even close from here.

I sighed and told Harry we should just go back to the college and we did. I had the scarf in my hands. I was just imagining the whole walk back that Stephanie would just come behind me and say 'hey that's my scarf you have there babe.' but once again, my imagination was wrong

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