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Cassandra’s POV

          It took us about seven days to unpack. I sat down at my desk and turned my laptop on. The sound of pots and pans rattled downstairs. Dad’s voice filled the air. It sounded like he was ordering a pizza. Michael walked into my room.

          “I don’t like it here,” He whispered.

          “I don’t either. It was Dad’s choice.”

          “Man! This stinks!” Michael left my room.

          I opened Google Chrome on my laptop and started looking for more jobs. The sudden knock at my door rang. My dad stood in the door way. He smiled.

          “Hey, do you mind if we put Kyle in your room? Your mother and I know that you are starting to get these nightmares that you have been freaking out a little. So is this fine?”

          “Yeah, anything could work.”

          Dad sat down on Kyle’s bed. “You’re one smart trooper, you know that?”

          “No I’m not.”

          “Yes you are. You are the most beautiful teenager I’ve seen so far this year.”

          My dad gave me a hug. “Hey, Dad, when are we starting school?”

          “Your mother has planned to make it on Tuesday. So you have three days to settle in.”

          “I love you Dad,” I whispered.

          Dad let go and sighed. “I love you, too sweetheart.” He walked out of the room.

          I heard the doorbell ring. A funny sounded voice came trailing upstairs. There was a slam and then Mom called upstairs to us. I walked downstairs and sat down. My two brothers sat down next to my parents.

          “So how do you like the new house?” My mom asked.

          “It’s sort of creepy, don’t you think?” Michael replied.

          “It is, somewhat. Not a whole lot,” Dad replied.

          I sat in silence. There was nothing really to talk about. Just that we are starting school in three days. I watched everyone laugh and chatter upon themselves. This sucks! What is wrong with me? I kept repeating in my mind.

As night rolled around, I laid in bed staring at the ceiling listening to Night of the Hunter by 30 Seconds to Mars. It felt seemingly different to have someone else in my room. Now I feel how Michael feels. In a few minutes, I fell into a deep sleep.

There was a sudden crashing noise in the kitchen. I jolted awake and sat up. Kyle was still fast asleep next to me. Quietly, I grabbed a flashlight and went downstairs. Pots suddenly shook in the kitchen. There was a sound of an explosion and then stuff was flying all over the place. I ducked down and cried.

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