I Need Answers

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Cel's P.O.V

"Why exactly are you going to an abandoned neighbor hood?"Leon asked as he ran a red light.

"You know red means stop right?"I laughed

"I am the son of one of the richest people in the united states. I can handle a little red light ticket"He laughed like I had asked the stupidest question in the world. "So why are you going to an abandoned neighbor hood?"He repeated.

"Cale called me there to talk. He's pretty pissed off so do you mind like not being you?"I laughed to myself. I let out a high pitch squeal and tightened my grip around Leon's waist as he suddenly sped up and then slowed down. "Your and idiot"I somehow dug my nails into his rock hard abs and he started to sqirm uncomfortably.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, OW! Do you want to crash?!?"He slapped my hand away.

"You put that on yourself"I retorted

"Well can you at least loosen your death grip on me?"Leon chuckled

"No. Your gonna kill me and i'm gonna die just because you feel the need to go past the speed limit"I wined

"Superstars dont need speed limits"He chuckled

"You are not a superstar"I accused

"Accually, I am"He stated

"Oh ya?"


"Then how come I havent ever heard of you until I came to that school?"I asked knowingly

"You havent been exposed to the outside world, hon"He yelled over a loud siren that soon flashed with red and blue lights.

"Pull over, Leon. Your dad wont like this happening again"The police officer yelled through the bull horn.

"Oh I get it. Your a superstar in the criminal world"I laughed

"Well, what do you think, babe? Should we loose him?"Leon asked

"Only if you stop calling me-"I was interupted by a shrill scream only to find out it was my scream. Leon had sped faster than 70 miles an hour in a 40 mile zone and kept getting faster. "We're gonna die!"I screamed at the crazy and sucicidal driver. I hung on to Leon for dear life as he twisted threw the maze of cars.

"Trust me a little, would you?"The maniac laughed

"NO!"I screamed and Leon laughed at me. "Your mean. Did you know that?"I would have hit him but frankly, I was scared for my life.

"I've been told before"Leon shrugged. "I think we lost him"He slowed down as the siren became quieter.

A couple of minutes later, we arived at the edge of town where barely anyone lived anymore. It isnt to far away from my old house so I would come here very often. My old house wasnt even a house. This part of town used to have a police station but they all moved up town so my father bought the old station to fit all of us kids under one roof. Some times I would go through the houses to see what people left behind.

"We're here"Leon wispered to me as he parked the bike at the end of the rode.

"Thanks for the ride. I'll be right back"I assured Leon and began my way dawn the street of boarded up houses and different strands of ruble and debre. I stepped over broken glass, boards of wood, and twigs. I stopped in front of a one level house that had a red Bugatti Veyron. No one would leave a beauty behind so I figure this is Tanner's wich means that Cale is in that house. I walked up the driveway where the Bugatti was parked and jiggled the door to open but it was locked.

"Whats the password?"Cale called from the broken window. I smiled at his immaturity.

"Um. Lets see........"I tried to think hard to what password he would mean. I thought to all the codes we used and all the things he liked. I finally thought back to when we were young and how he liked to make me say bad words all the time. Like really bad words. "AWW! Dont make me say it"I pleaded.

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