Chapter 2

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-Louis' POV-


    "Boys, yout're on in five." the stage director told us as we finished getting ready.

    "Lou, you okay?" Harry asked me, and I could tell he was asking if I was over Eleanor.

    "I...Uh, yeah." It was better to just lie. I knew if I told them how much I missed her, they would turn it into some big story about how I was too good for her. In reality, she was too good for me. She cheated on me because I wasn't good enough. I sighed as we headed for the stage.

    "HELLO, LONDON. YOU ALL HAVING A GOOD TIME?" Liam shouted to the audience. Immediately, everybody cheered and held up their signs. I erupted into a fit of laughter when I saw one that said, 'HARRY, HARRY, GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR GRAVY.'  I guess the other boys saw it too, because they all cracked up. Harry, on the other hand, looked slightly uncomfortable. It always made him feel awkward when girls said things like that.

    After a few songs, it was time for each of us to select a random girl from the audience and sing What Makes You Beautiful. Harry chose a curvy blonde(of course), Niall chose a short redhead, Zayn chose a pretty Mid Western girl, and Liam picked a tall girl with black hair. Everyone was staring at me; waiting to see who I would pick. I scanned the audience, and my eyes landed on a beautiful girl with lavender hair. I extended my hand, waiting for her to join me on stafe. She looked like she was ready to bolt any second, but the redhead on stage dragged her up. I chuckled a little, while she looked extremely uncomfortable.

    "You're insecure. Don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or. Don't need cover up. Being the way that you are is eno-ou-ough." Liam started the song while the girl in front of me shifted her weight awkwardly.

    "It's okay to smile, love." I giggled as she smiled faintly.

    "I have terrible stage fright. I'm sorry if I'm making this awkward." she whispered as I studied her beautiful hazel eyes. Finally, the song ended and the girls went back to the audience.


-Stella's POV-


    "Did that really just happen?" Jenna asked for what felt like the billionth time.

    "Yeah, Jen. Blondie sang to you." I laughed at her angry expression.

    "His name is Niall. Anyway, you and Louis seemed deep in conversation. He barely sang!" She elbowed me in the ribs as a man in a black suit came up to us.

    "Mr. Tomlinson insists that you come backstage immediately." He said as he led us backstage. Jenna's ice-blue eyes widened in excitement. I half-expected her to scream. We were both silent as we walked.

    "Hey, I'm Harry."

    "Vas happenin? I'm Zayn."

    "I'm Liam."

    "I'm Niall; otherwise known as the hottest guy on the planet."

    "I'm Jennifer." the brown-haired blue-eyed boy told us. The funny thing was, he was dead serious. I looked at the other boys and they cracked up.

    "Really, Louis? You're going by Jennifer again?" Harry shoved him playfully.

    "I'm Louis. What might your name be?" Louis asked me. I'm not a huge One Direction fan, but I had to admit, I was starstruck. I mean, you try having a casual conversation with a celebrity like they're your very best friend.

    "S-Stella." I stammered. I mentally kicked myself for being so stupid.

    "I'm her hero..Her mentor. The person she wants to be like." Jenna struck some weird superhero pose, which made us all laugh.

    "So, you're doing that again, Jenna?" I asked, making the boys laugh harder.    "Yup." she replied, happily popping the 'p'. I rolled my eyes at her smug expression.

    "Would you two lovely ladies like to hang out with us tomorrow?" Louis asked in a posh business voice. I giggled as Jenna violently shook her head up and down.

    "Um, love, are you having a neck seizure?" Harry teased as her face turned as red as her hair. We all laughed while exchanging numbers. Something told me that tomorrow would be an interesting day that I would never forget.


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