Happy Birthday Yesenia!!

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Jassie's pov:

Its been 2 days. I haven't left the hospital. Fatou is my best girl friend. It used to be Ev but obviously not anymore. I cried so much. I can't live without my nigga. I haven't talked to Ray. I just don't want to talk to anyone. He just sits across from me and stares at me. But I keep my head in my knees. Everyone else left. I shower at the hospital and bring change of clothes though. I sit and stare at the clock. Tick Tock. Then I hear someone call my name. I turn to my right and its Roc. "Happy Birthday Bestie!" He says. I raise my eyebrows. Its September 1st? Already!?? Oh snap! I'm 16! Then I see Ray and the rest watching me. I get up. "It's my birthday?" I ask in a whisper. "Yah! How do you forget your own birthday girl!" Candy says. Candy's back!! I run into her arms. "Omg! I missed you sis!!" I yell. She laughs. "Well someone missed your company so go hug ya man love." Candy says. I turn to Ray and he was looking down. I hug him tight. He is so warm! I pull back and kiss him. My boyfriend always makes me feel better. This lightened my mood a little. Then the Doctor cleared his throat. I look over and I gasp! Fatou!! I run into her arms and almost knock her down! "Oh god girl chill! You trying to kill me too!" She says and laughs. I pull back and look at her. She has a band aid wrapped around her thigh. "Are you ok?" I ask. She nods. "Ma nigga you know I'm strong. I don't go down so easily. Happy Birthday babez! But where is Diggy?" She asks. He walks up from behind everyone and hugs Fatou. "I'm so sorry he did that to you! I don't understand how my own brother would do that. But the cops got him and hes in jail so your safe." He explains. She sighs and nods. "Jassie you have a busy day today." Ray says. I look at him confused. "Why?" I ask. Everyone laughs. "Well. If you haven't forgot you have to attend the World Wide Model Awards tonight at 7 You Fatou, Candy, and Evalynn have been nominated for awards. After that you have your sweet 16 bash! Then starting now you have to go shopping." He tells me. I gasp. "Dang I'm booked!" I say and laugh. "Welp lets go home and get ready then we'll start the day." Prod says.

-at home-

I search around my closet and find the perfect outfit for the day! (outfit in comments) I curl my hair and put my bang in a bump. I couldn't stop smiling! I'm finally 16!! Yay! "What you so smiley about babe and may I say that dress is very exposing." Ray asks and wraps his arms around me from behind. I giggle and finish my make up. "So what you want me to dress like a nun and cover my body to the fullest?" I ask and turn around. He laughs his cute laugh. "Nooo. I mean that's only for my eyes to see..." He says and kisses my cheek. I raise my eye brows. "Oh yah? So what do my eyes get to see?" I ask. He smirks. "Alot if you want.." He whispers. I lick my lips and kiss him. "So when do I get too see?" I say and tug his belt. He bites his lips and plays with my hair. "Soon..very soon." He tells me. Before I could say anything Fatou walks in the room. "Hey neglets its time to gooo..." She says and looks up confused and smirks. "Did I interrupt y'all? Cause I think yall was bout to do the nasty." she says and laughs. I grab my bag and walk to the door. "Naaah just playing with him. He ain't getting nun." I say and smile. Ray frowns. I hold out my hand for him to grab and he takes and we walk downstairs. "Boooooo!!!" I yell. "Looooove!" Roc replies. I let go of Ray's hand and hug him. "Today you are the Queen Missy!" He says and lets go of me. I smile. "Yup! I'm a boss!" I say and laugh. "Alright alright alright! Ladies we will meet up with you at the mall in 2 hours. Fatou you can use my black card." Diggy says. She squeals and kisses him. Ray looks at me and hands me his card. I kiss him and he smiles and whispers in my ear. "I'll see you soon. Buy something pretty." He says. I giggle. We separate and the girls drive to the mall while the boys go who knows where.(setting up for party)

-at mall-

We go into a dress store and try on multiple dresses for the Award show. "Omg! This one! This is the one its so perfect! Jassie you gotta buy it! It hugs your body perfectly and looks elegant" Candy says. I smile at myself in the mirror. We buy our awards dresses and other things for the outfit. Then we go on to the next store for my birthday bash. "So what color do you want your dress too be?" Fatou asks me. Evalynn just walks away and looks around. We don't talk and I don't plan on talking to her any time soon. "Um a light blue." I tell her. "Ok. You need too dresses. Your main event dress is a nice gown that says your the birthday girl. Then you have your party dress." She explains. I nod. We go around and I find what I need. Well I know our day procedure. We have our personal dressers help us at the house before the awards. We do the awards then go into our tour bus to dress for the party. The guys will be in their own. I will come out in my main event dress. Greet all my guest and whatever they have planned for me then later I switch to my party dress and have fun and at the end receive my gifts. We finish shopping and we go to Victoria secret. I had Ramone take our dresses back to the house. "Guys what are we doing in here?" I ask confused. I didn't really need anything from here. "Well we want to get certain under garments for our outfits." Candy says I laugh and nod. We get some panties and bras and make up and perfume and head to the food court to meet the guys. We walk in and a couple guys walk up to me. "Omg! Your hotter in person! Yesenia can I have your autograph?" They ask. I smile and take our a blue sharpie. They take off their shirts. "Sign our chest and abs please!" One guy says. I laugh and do so. They give me hugs and walk off. I walk over to the guys and the girls. They were all staring at me. "What?" I ask. "Who were those guys?" Prince asks. I shrug. "Fans. They asked me to sign their chest." I say. Everyone mouths ooooh. I nod and laugh. Ray stares at my bag and smiles. "What did ya buy from Victoria's secret?" He ask. I look down at my bag. "Don't worry about it." I say and smirk. He folds his arms across his chest then grabs the bag. I try to get it back but I fail. He pulls out a blue cheetah print bra. He observes it. "WTF! Your double D??? Damn!" He asks. The guys eyes widen. "Daaang! Serious racks!" Prod says. Candy hits him and laughs."Yes now put my stuff down stupid!" I say and my cheeks got hot. He puts the bra on and dances around. We all start laughing. He pulls out some boy short panties and a couple lace panties. "Raaaay put my stuff back!" I say.  He laughs and puts the stuff back in the bag. He hugs me and kisses my for head. "You know I was just messing around." He says. I pinch him and he jumps. I stick my tongue at him. "So what to do now?" Prince asks. I think of a Idea. "Guys! I want a tattoo!" I say. They look at me like I'm crazy. "Actually yah. That sounds cool. Lets go to the shop." Ev says. I nod. We walk to the shop and I look at Tattoos. I knew what I was getting. "So who would like to go first?" The guy asks. Roc volenteers. He sits in the chairs. "Can I get a tattoo that says Mr. Royal on my right arm??" He asks. The man nods and gets his things ready. Roc seemed calm. I sat down on Ray's lap and watched. Next was Prince. He got a black peace sign on his hand. Fatou got her name on her lower back. Ev got Princess on her ankle. Prod got "God First" On his chest. Candy got a picture of our mom on her back. Diggy got Jet setter on his arm. "Next?" He asks. Ray stands up and sits in the chair. "What would you like man?" The guys asks. "Can I get "Yesenia" On my chest?" He says. I smile. I watch as the man tats my name in cursive and has hearts around it. Ray stands up when he's done and shows me. I go next. "What would you like beautiful?" He asks. I smirk. "I would like purple silver and blue music notes starting from my left back of my neck going down to my side in a narrow line. Also I want "I Love Ray." On my chest and a Chresent moon and the sun behind my ear." I tell him. He nods. Ray holds my hand while I get it done and when I finish I look in the mirror. It looked good. Especially the I love Ray. "Can I get a clasp earring piercing?" I ask. They do the procedure and I get a earring. We walk out the store. "I love you." Ray says and pulls me close to him. I kiss him slowly. "Love you too babe." I reply. "Alright we need to go home. Its 4 and the pre show is at 6 so we got to get ready." Candy says. We go home and the girls come into my room and the guys go into Roc's room. "Ok ladies take a seat and we will begin with your hair." Chung says. We do so. Debra gives me a perm and dys my hair with a blonde and black. She straightens my hair. Hours go by and we continue with the beauty process. We finally finish. I put on my heels and look at myself in the mirror with the girls standing next to me. We all smile. (Outfits in comments) This dress really hugs my body and chest. We do some finishing touches and decide its time to go. Chung said the guys were ready in the living room. We all lined up at the step and the guys faced the other way. Not looking at us. Chung was going to introduce us and our guy would turn around. By the way Roc's friend Kaiia is with us too. He needed a date. "Ok Prodigy. Introducing your date the sweet a Candy!" Chung says. Candy begins walking down the step and prod turns around. He was wearing a nice suit. He smiles and takes Candy to his side. "Next we have the beautiful Evalynn." Chung announces. She walks down the steps and prince kisses her hand. He had a nice suit on too. He had his shirt open so his chest was showing a little bit. "Now. The sexy ms. Fatou!" Chung says and snaps. Lol. She struts down the stairs and diggy kisses her cheek. It was my turn now. I really hope Ray thinks I look pretty. "Last but not least. The most Gorgeous girl I have ever laid my eyes on. The beautiful Yesenia." I hug Chung and walk down the steps. Ray slowly turns around and he smiles looking me directly in the eyes. He takes my hand and pulls me close to him. "You look beautiful baby." He says and kisses my cheek. I smile. "You look handsome. Clean up very well." I say and fix his bow tie. He smirks. "Yah. The guys helped me." he tells me. "Ok. The limo has arrived. Good luck tonight girls!" Chung tells us. We wave goodbye and go out to the limo. I pray tonight will be amazing!

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