Zayn POV

Liam and I have been thinking about that thing of changing me… it’s a really good idea. People wouldn’t notice that I am gone, well just teachers and they don’t really care. I live alone because my parents died in an accident not so long ago. I am by myself and this seems the perfect idea… nothing would come in my path. Even if students notice my absence to school, they wouldn’t care… because I have no other friends than Liam. We were walking to my house to start everything. We told his mom we were doing a sleepover in my house all weekend and she accepted. When we got there, he went straight to my kitchen. “Wow, someone’s hungry!” I said. He smirked. “Yes… I am” I said. When he finished eating we went to the living room. “So, first… names?” he asked. “Claude?” I said. He shook his head. “Mm… Natalie?” I said. He shook his head again. “I know! Alex? Like in Alexandra or something like that!” I said. “YES! What a great name, mate” he said. I nodded. “Well, Zayn… I know some people that can make you look like a girl… wanna do it tomorrow?”  he asked. “Of course!” I replied.


Liam is coming in 20 minutes with the people that is making me a girl and with his boyfriend, Niall. He is gay. I am very nervous. I received a call. “Zaynie, I’m here” he said. I laughed. “Ok, darling! I’m going” I said. I opened the door to see about 5 people. First, they paint my body a bit so I could be whiter. They put me some fake bubs that I, personally, like to touch ‘cause they’re funny. They gave me a new wardrobe with women clothes and they left me some makeover. After they were finished, I went to the living room where Niall and Liam were waiting for me. When I entered, they gasped. “OMG, you really look like a girl” Niall said. “Yeah, if I were into girls… I would definitely date you!” Liam agreed. I laughed. “Yeah… its incredible, I really can’t wait till tomorrow” I said. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies. Liam suggested Toy Story so we watch all the movies… but he looked adorable watching that movie! The glint of childishness in his eyes were just adorable. When it was about ten, they decided to go leaving me again alone in my flat. I sat on the couch again. I saw Twilight, for some reason and then went to sleep. My last thought was: I hope you like Alex, Harry.

Hey guys, hope you like the story... sorry for making you wait.. but I had writer's block! Thanks to some friends I'm updating!!

Love you guyss!!

-Ale .xx

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