Chapter 1

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-Stella's POV-


    "What would you do if I said I had tickets to go see One Direction?" My best friend, Jenna, asked with a mischevious glint in her eyes.

    "Um, I dunno. Personally, I don't think they're as great as everyone says they are." I shrugged. To me, One Direction was just another boy band. Jenna reached over and slapped me on the arm playfully.

    "C'mon. I have tickets for tomorrow night, and you HAVE to come!" she pleaded as she handed me a ticket.

    "Can't we go see someone talented?" I begged.

    "ONE DIRECTION ARE MOTHERFUCKING TALENTED. YOU WILL GO WITH ME EVEN IF I HAVE TO DRAG YOUR DEAD BODY." She yelled. I jumped at her sudden mood change. Her face softened and she erupted into fit of laughter.

    "Geez. What's stuck up your ass?" I laughed while she looked slightly confused.

    "Whatever. Anyway, I was thinking we could dye your hair again." Last time we dyed my hair, we had selected a light blue color. Well, I had selected a light blue color. She was more into red hair.

    "Okay, Ginger. What color do you suggest?" I grinned at her pissed expression. She hates being called 'Ginger'.

    "Don'" She gritted her teeth, which only made me grin.

    "Sorry." I laughed even harder this time.

    "I.will.steal.your.motherfucking.soul." she glared at me, which made me laugh even harder.

    "Okay, sorry." I tried my best to stop laughing, but it was useless. The smirk was plastered on my face.

    "Anyway, I was thinking we could dye it a light, lavender." For once, we agreed on a hair color. I nodded as we jumped into her car to go buy the hair dye.


Sorry this chapter was so short! I've been busy with school and all this other shit. I love it when you comment! Much love to whoever fans me. xoxo ~MaryStyles<3

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