City Of Love

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Charlotte's P.O.V.

"Charlotte, réveillez-vous le miel, le dîner est sur la table." My mom said opening the door to my bedroom. 

I groaned, must she always speak french. "Mom, you don't have to speak french all the time, we may live in Paris but still." I threw my legs over the side of the bed, slipping my slippers on.

"Sorry, oh and we have company, change out of your pajamas." She shut the door, returning back downstairs. I walked over to my dresser, looking for something to wear. I pulled out a pair of blue jean shorts, a purple tank top, with a black vest to go over it, and my purple converse boots.

I walked out my door skipping into the bathroom down the hall, brushing out my hair, throwing it into a pony tail. I pulled out my make up bag, putting on a little bit over cover up, some eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, and lip gloss. 

I skipped down the stairs, slidding down the banister, "Bonjour." I smiled sitting at the table sipping some of my Orange Juice. I looked around the table, and looked at our guests. I stopped at one boy, he looked around 18. 

"Charlotte, meet Justin. Justin meet Charlotte." My mom spoke up, I smiled at him. "Justin, is a pop sensation all around the world. Justin Bieber." I looked at him and raised an eye brow.

"If he's so famous, how come I've never heard of him?" I asked taking a bite of a piece of bacon. Justin choked on his water.

"You've never heard of me? I've heard of you." He smiled, actually drinking the water. I giggled and shrugged my shoulders.

"Nope, never heard of you in my life. Sorry though, maybe you could show me some of your music..?" I laughed picking up my iPad, walking into the living room. Turning on the tv, a song played. Which was kind of catchy.

'As long as you love me, we can be starving, we can be homless, we can be broke. As long as you love me, I'll be your platinum, I'll be your silver, I'll be your gold...'

I started to hum along with the tune, my mom, Justin, and some other man walked out. I never even realized him at the table. "This is one of my songs, As Long As You Love Me." I smiled, my phone vibrating. 

"Maman, je dois y aller, Alice veut que j'aille à l'atelier, pour enregistrer." She nodded her head, throwing me my keys. I looked over at Justin, "Voulez-vous venir avec moi?" 

He raised an eye brow at me, "Come again?" My mom whispered something to him, "Oh yeah, I'll come with you. How about we take my car?"

"Bien sûr." He raised his eye brow at me again. "Sure." I laughed running to the door. He chuckled and followed behind me.

"Bye Janelle, Bye Scooter." We walked out the door and got into his car. "Well, now that you know who I am. Who are you?"

I smiled looking out the window, "Charlotte December. Pop sensation all over Europe." I smiled as he pulled up to the recording studio. I jumped out of the car, him following me inside. A couple people in the lobby shrieking because it was, and I quote, 'JUSTIN BIEBER!' 

"Liza, let Alice sais que je suis ici, et j'ai apporté un ami." Lize nodded and called some one, I over heard her.

"Alice, Miss Décembre est arrivé pour l'enregistrement, et elle a un ami. M. Bieber. Ils sont dans le hall, juste pour vous laisser savoir." Which meant, 'Alice, Miss. December is here for recording, and she brought a friend. Mr. Bieber. They're in the lobby, just to let you know.'

Justin turned and looked at her like she was crazy. I grabbed his arm pulling him into the elevator. Pressing number 4. He rested his back against the wall playing with his phone. "You know you could've just dropped me off, and went back to the house, to discuss whatever you guys were talking about."

"They didn't tell you?" He asked raising an eye brow.

"Must you always do that. And tell me what?" The elevator stopped and I walked out, walking into my recording room.

Alice frowned., "Charlotte Décembre, vous êtes en retard, comme toujours." I sighed nodding my head, Justin sat on the couch, I walked into recording booth.

"Head under water, and they tell me, to breath easy for a while. The breathing get's harder, even I know that. Made room for me, but it's to soon to see if I'm happy in your hands." After I finished singing and gave a thumbs up to Alice.

Justin looked up from his phone, he looked at me and motioned for me to come out. I took the head phones off, putting them on the mic. I opened the door, "Yes?"

Alice spoke up, "Char, sit down please?" I nodded and sat on the chair across from Justin. "Me and Scooter have been talking, and we're moving you and your family to Los Angeles. Not only that, but you're going on tour with Justin."

"Qu'est-ce? Vous déménagez moi et ma famille de ma ville natale. Êtes-vous sérieux? Quel type de sorcellerie est cette merde?" I yelled, Alice backing up towards the wall.

"Yes, Charlotte, we're moving you guys to Los Angeles. I'm so sorry, but are you even happy that you're touring with Justin?" She asked with a puzzled face.

I nodded my head, "Yeah, I am. Well if you don't mind, I have some packing to do. And a mother to talk to." Justin got up and followed me out of the studio.

"Don't worry shawty. You'll be living right next to me." He smiled.

"I don't care, Pari is my home. I've always lived here, I've never moved, I've toured, but never moved. Plus, what makes you think I'm happy about that?" I smirked, getting into the car.

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