Olive's POV;

After mom went to sleep and I'd looked in the black wallet, I snuck out the door, trying to avoid the loud clunk it makes when you close it.

Niall had been right about the key in the wallet. He had been right about the clothes. He was obviously right about being my best friend. Now to figure out why I don't remember him.

I walk up the hallway and get on the elevator to the highest story. This building only goes up 10 floors. I walk to the end of the hall and find a locked door. I reach into the pocket of my favorite jeans for the key. I decided to put on some pants before I left the flat, but was too lazy to put my own shirt on.

"I was starting to think you weren't going to show," Niall says when he sees me walk up next to him. I look over the ledge to see the London skyline. I thought about back home, when I would go up to the top of the building my mom lived in now. This skyline is nothing like the one back home.

"Back home?" Niall asks, a confused look on his face.

"Did I just say that out loud?"

"Yeah. Back home where? This is your home..." He sounds confused. I'm not sure why.

"No, back home in New York." He just stares at me and then looks back out at the city. "What?"

"You've just never referred to New York as your home," he says quietly. I think for a minute.

"You know, you're not the only thing I don't remember. There are still some blank spots in some memories." I still don't know what happened to me. Why I lost memories. I know it isn't what they've been telling me.

"Well you never were too fond of New York." He smiles to himself. Probably thinking of some memory. This isn't fair. It's like some sick joke and I'm the only one in the room that doesn't get it.

"Why didn't I like it?" A smile comes across his face and then slowly disappears. His face hardens and then looks sad. That expression might have been the saddest thing I've ever seen.

Niall's POV;

When she says this, it makes me think of the first time I realized I loved her. It was about eight months after we met.


I look at her through the computer screen.

"So I bought a plane ticket today." She smiles into the screen. She disappears for a minute and I hear rustling. She holds up a small piece of paper. "See!"

"Why does it say 'One Way?'" She just smiles at me. I understand what is happening.

"I'm using my college fund." She is still smiling. "I'm never going to actually need college anyway. Plus, my mom's giving me, like, $4,000 for this trip. Granted, she think's I'm coming back..."

"She doesn't know?" I ask.


"Olive, you have to tell her you're not going home..." I wanted her to live here more than I wanted anything, but her mother has a right to know she's not going home.

"This isn't a home." She looked away from the screen and blinked. She looked back at me. "This is the only time I ever feel like I have a home."

"What?" I ask, not understanding what she was trying to say.

"The only time I feel like I am home is when I'm with you--or Skyping with you anyway." This takes me by surprise. She smiles a sad smile at me.

"But won't you miss New York. It is the city you grew up in. If that's not your home, then what is?"

I will never forget the next thing she said to me. It was the single moment that made me fall in love with her.

"Niall, you are my home."


"What?" She asks, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Nothing. I guess you just always felt like this was more of your home than New York City was."

"Hmm." She thought for a minute and then shook her head. "Why don't I remember this?" she half shouts over the lit up city. She buries her face in her hands as she leans on the ledge. I put my arm on her shoulders without thinking. When she feels it, she shrugs me off.

"Sorry. I just..." I trail off.

"I know, it's not you." She looks up and I see that she is about to cry. "I just don't remember you and I wish I did, but I don't and I have no idea why and it sucks. It sucks that I can't even remember my own fucking best friend!" She starts crying into her hands and I want to hug her, but I use all that I have not to touch her. She looks up at me.

"Will you help me?" She asks after a moment.

"I'd do anything for you." I step closer to her.

"Will you help me remember things?" she asks. "I mean, it won't be easy."

"I don't need easy. I need you."

"It probably won't work."

"But it might."

"Right." She looks up at me. We are really close now. She sighs and slouches in to my chest. I don't know weather or not to hug her. I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable, but she is the one who started this awkward-slouch-hug. I stop thinking and wrap my arms around her.

"This is nice," she says. "I can see why I liked you so much."

"Well," I say. "I just hope this works."

"Operation Get Olive's Memory Back is now in motion," she says and backs away. "I feel like this is the part where we should have, like, a cool handshake or something."

I laugh. Maybe. Just maybe. This might actually work.

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