I woke up in my room the next morning next to Liam, he was still asleep so I pressed my lips to his and his eyes fluttered open

"Good morning Beautiful" He said with a huge smile

"Good morning Li Li" I replied kissing him again and he kissed back but I pulled away and got up and picked out my clothes for the day, http://www.polyvore.com/million_more_years/set?id=56759056, I changed and went down stairs, Liam followed me into the kitchen

"I will make breakfast okay, got wake the others up" I said kissing him and he nodded and turned to go upstairs, I went to the fridge and pulled out the milk, orange juice and Apple juice (for Harry), I pulled out the eggs and bacon and started cooking the bacon, once I finished that everyone was now downstairs, I started cooking the eggs and put bread in the toaster

"Good morning boys" I said smiling

"Good morning Ave" Harry said kissing my cheek

"Morning love" Louis and Niall said at the sametime and turned to eachother and started laughing while I shook my head

"Good morning Avery" Zayn said smiling

I finished cooking the eggs and the toast was down, I put the food on plates and passed them out to everyone, we sat in the living room to eat and talked

"Wow Avery, can you cook breakfast every morning?" Niall asked

"Niall!" Liam said giving him a look

"Li, it's alright, I like cooking, Sure Niall, I can cook every morning" I replied and Niall, Harry and Louis all yelled with excitment, and I laughed

"So what are we doing today?" I asked

"We should go to the mall" Zayn said

"We should, I have always wanted a tattoo" I said smiling

"I want one too" Harry said agreeing with me

"Alright, well you boys need to get dressed then we can take my car" I said and they all nodded and ran upstairs leaving their plates for Liam and I to clean, when we finished Harry, Louis and Niall were all downstairs but Zayn hasn't come down yet

"Where is Zayn?" I asked

"Doing his hair" Louis said annoyed and I laughed

Ten minutes later Zayn finally came downstairs and we all got in my car and headed toward the mall, I parked the car and we all made our way inside

"Shouls we do the tattoos now?" I asked Harry and he nodded

"Harry and I are going to get our tattoos now, we will meet you guys at the food court in an hour" I said and Niall, Liam and Zayn nodded and we walked to the tattoo shop

"What are you getting?" Harry asked

"I want 'dancer' writen in cursive on my wrist" I said "What about you?" I added

"I'm getting a star on my arm" He said and I nodded we told the lady and she got us ready and started, it doesn't hurt as bad as I thought

"We should get matching tattoos" Harry said smiling

"Sure, what do you want to get?" I asked

"How about a paw print like Ed Sheeran?" He asked

"Alright, I love Ed" I replied once we finished our first tattoos, we told the lady that we wanted matching paw prints on our lower arm

Once we finished getting those we walked to the food court where Niall, Liam and Zayn were eating

"What did you guys get?" Liam asked

"I got a star" Harry said

"I got 'dancer'" I said holding up my wrist and they all looked at our tattoos

"And.." Harry trailed off

"And.." Niall said

"We got matching tattoos" I said and Harry and I showed them the paw prints

"Isn't that the paw print that Ed has?" Zayn asked and Harry and I nodded

"Well lets go shopping" Harry said and they all finished eating and threw there stuff away and we all headed to Jack Wills.

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