If this chapter confuse you guys a little bit. Tell me. You'll see what Im talking about when you guys read Jacobs pov. Hence the title of the chapter. Song on the side-------------------->Aint no way by chris brown. I really realy love that song. I kind of felt it was related to this chapter in some type of way. Idk. but anyways..ENJOY..:)


*Jacob Pov-

It was a friday afternoon and I was Rocs house. Roc was playing his videos games and I was watching. I wasnt really a video game type person I just came to eat up all his fancy food.

"So shes gonna meet your family." Said Roc. I nod my head in response taking a bite of the Cheese souffle. Mmm cheesy.

"I never told you to do that."

I rolled my eyes."Thats just it. You never tell me to do anything."

He leaned back in his couch and pause the game."Yeah, whatever. Just tell me this one thing.Your not doing this just cause your falling for her?"

The answer to that question would have to be a yes. I am falling for her. Ive always liked her but it was hard going out with her because of all she did when she goes out with someone is break their hearts. But now were in a relationship and I have to reuin everything just because of ten thousand dollars. Damn the mess I got myself into.

I guess I was taking to long to answer cause I heard Roc suck his teeth."Oh my gosh, You cant be serious. Falling in love with her makes it worse. You do know that your making this hard."

"Why am I making this hard.Please care to explain."I said scarcastically.

"Are forgetting the deal we made almost 2 months ago. I paid you ten thousand dollars to date her, fuck her and the next day dump her. Dump her like last weeks pair of Jordans." He sighed and grabbed his phone from the the table and started texting."You cant be catching feelings man."

I exhaled."I just dont know. First it was all about trying my hardest with getting to her. But that didnt work, But now I she drives me crazy not in a bad way. That night of the party when I got jealous cause some dude was gonna kiss her, I seriously dont know what got into me. I realize no one else can have her. That I was in love with her. Even way before that.'"

Roc put his phone down and looked at me."Damn cool speach bro."

I laughed."Thanks."

"So what are you gonna do now. Tell that you love her." He asked.

I narrowed my eyes."I guess."

He got up from the couch and laughed."Just know you gotta do what I told you to do."

I rolled my eyes. we sat there in silence. But all I heard was Rocs keyboard on his phone clicking nonstop.I was getting annoyed."Would you turn that off." I yelled.

He laughed."Sorry." He put his phone in his pocket."Just look at this way. After you finish doing your business, play her infront the school and what not. Do whatever it takes to get her back, since you love her so much. At least at the end she doesnt have to know about the money."

He was right. Maybe if I play my cards right I might as well go along with it. She'll never find out about the money. And at the end I'll win her back. I think.

Roc walked over to window and looked outside."You should probably leave. Lexi is coming in a couple of minutes."

I rose up from the couch."Wait you messing with Lexi again."

He froze."Yeah so whats it to yah."

I laughed and shook my head."Just know what you getting yourself into. Two times bro. Damn when Ronnie fin-."

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