Megan Morgan recently moved from Long Beach, California to Orlando, Florida with her family because of her dad's job change. This means that Megan and older brother Dylan have to start over at a whole new high school for junior and senior year. Both kids have always found themselves to cling to each other and be antisocial when it comes to meeting new people, lucky the two are only one year apart and get along very well (although they do love to annoy and tease each other). Megan isn’t too thrilled when she meets the schools bad boy and thinks it’s time he met someone who doesn’t let him push them around. But how far is Megan willing to go to leave her mark on him? Is she willing to go as far as revealing her secret to an outsider like him? Or will she end up trusting him in the end? Letting the Bad Boy know whose boss can be dangerous and risky but is she falling for him?

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