Chapter 14 Escape

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The chains were starting to hurt my paws. I slightly wiggled and i found out that I moved backwards from the chain. The howl from Ryan came closer. I have little time. I started to thrash backwards. Little by little, I was escaping! The chains were at my paws now. I finally got myself free. I slid off the table and fell on my back. The impact caused me little pain.

"Ryan! Lets go now!" I shouted at the top of my voice.

It was dark as night in this room. I crashed into the door. I lifted myself on my hindlegs and my front paws found the door handle. I heard footsteps running towards me. I hoped it wasn't Jeff. I somehow opened the door and ran out of the room and looked toward the door. "Ryan!" I shouted. I hope he can get out.

Ryan ran out the door and we almost crashed into each other. Just then we both smelled a horrible stench. It was Aurora's dead body. "Ryan, we need to follow that smell." I said quickly.

As we started to look for her, Ryan asked me,"Why? You hungry?"

I got near Ryan and scratched him across his face. He yelped in pain and started to run. I started to chase him as we both heard light thuds coming behind us. I looked behind me and saw Jeff trying to grab my tail. I tucked my tail between my legs and followed Ryan to Aurora's body. We saw a dim streak of light after encountering my daughter's remains.

We bolted up the stairs and I saw Ryan brace himself. He broke the door and fell on the floor sliding a couple feet. I was in the hallway now, looking over Ryan. He was alive as his chest was rising and falling between breaths. I hurriedly nudged him so he could get up. He got up slowly as i looked behind me to find Jeff with a gun pointed directly at me.

"Jeff Don't kill me, please! Wait! I'm begging you!" I cried out. Jeff didn't move. He still had the gun pointed at me. Ryan got up and stood next to me, growling. I could see his emerald green eyes.

Jeff lowered his gun and Ryan's growl lowered in volume. Jeff's eyes were making contact with my own. He then said, "I'll let you go. On one condition..."

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