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(Craig's P.O.V.)

The following evening, I made my way to Sadè's bedroom. "Helloooo?" I chirped in a sing-song voice, banging my fist against the wooden door as I waited impatiently for Sadè to answer.

I heard a bit of shuffling come from inside of the room before the door was whipped open. Sadè raised her eyebrows in shock, obviously surprised to see me. "Craig!" She breathed out the words in amazement, "I thought you left to go play basketball with Jamiya!"

With a wave of my hand, I said, "Eh, she decided to go with..." I clenched my teeth, "Jacob."

She knitted her eyebrows together. "Um... Is everything okay?" 

I felt my hand tingle, and I soon realized that Sadè had ever so gently, grabbed my hand and escorted me into her room - shutting the door behind her.

I heaved out a dramatic sigh. "Not really." I replied, taking a seat on her bed. "Me and Jamiya aren't really... Getting along."

She tilted her head to the side and let out a small, "Aww." She stuck out her bottom lip. "Are you guys fighting?"

Inhaling through my nostrils, I stood up and began to pace around the room. I fiddled with my fingers as I said, "No. It's just that... I think she's cheating on me," Sadè's hand flew to her chest as she gasped. "With Jacob." 

Sadè's jaw dropped immediately, and I glanced down, trying to hide my devilish smirk. "What?!" She stated, clearly shocked. "You're lying. I-I don't believe it. Jamiya would never..." Her voice trailed away, and she drifted off into a deep thought.

I snapped my fingers in her face, and she drifted back into reality. She continued to stare at me in shock, and I felt a bit of an awkward silence creep upon us. "Sadè?" I narrowed my eyes at her, furrowing my eyebrows together. "Are you okay?"

She snapped her eyes shut and her body began to tremble uncontrollably. "This can’t be true.” She murmured to herself. “I swear, I'm gonna kill her." I took my place back next to her, and I began to caress her body. "I swear to God, I'm gonna kill her." She repeated. Her body shook harder, it was almost as if she was being possessed by a demon. This was not the new and improved Sadè I know and love, this was the old Sadè. 

She dug her nails into my chest, "Where are they? Tell me exactly where they are." She uttered sternly.

Before I was capable of voicing my answer, I heard the front door slam shut. "We're home!" Jamiya hollered from down stairs. She stayed quiet, most likely expecting a reply from me. But when she heard none, she yelled, "Craig... Baby! I'm home!" 

"Nobody gives a shit." Sadè muffled into my chest, causing me to radiate a deep, booming laugh.

Two pairs of feet advanced up the stairs, and I began to panic. This whole situation did not go as planned. I expected that by now, Sadè and I would already be getting down to business... If you know what I mean.

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