it's his hair and his eyes today 

that just simply take me away 

and the feeling that i'm falling further in love 

makes me shiver but in a good way

all the times i have sat and stared 

as he thoughtfully thumbs through his hair

and he purses his lips, bats his eyes as he plays,

with me sitting there slack-jawed and nothing to say 

coz i love him with all that i am 

and my voice shakes along with my hands 

coz he’s all that I see and he’s all that I need

and i'm out of my league once again 

it's a masterful melody when he calls out my name to me

as the world spins around him he laughs, rolls his eyes 

and i feel like i'm falling but it's no surprise 

coz i love him with all that i am 

and my voice shakes along with my hands 

cause it's frightening to be swimming in this strange sea 

but i'd rather be here than on land 

yes he's all that i see and he's all that i need 

and i'm out of my league once again

If only he knows that his smile lights up my world.

His green eyes make me melt when he looks at me.

If only he knows how much i love him and want to be with him and be the one who give him the love that he should be recieving rather than him being with her girlfriend who doesn't even care about him.

If he's with me, i'll never hurt him and give him the best from me. I'll never let him go, he may not be perfect but he is for me.

- - - - - - - -

Author's Note:

The italicize words are lyrics from a song. You can check out the song on the sidebar. :)

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