Chapter 3

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I buy the pepper spray and shove it in my pocket. I look on my phone to see what time it is when my phone suddenly rings. I pick it,up and,its my best friend in the whole wide world, Niall. Niall James Horan. I feel tears burning in my eyes because I have needed his help ever since we were little. I new that now was my chance to get his help. "h- h-ello?" I say while sobbing over the phone. "WHAT HAPPENED SAMMY!!?? IS EVERYTHING OK!!!??" "Ni-aaaalllll!!!!! I need your help!! I will explain everything to you when you get here! I need you to come pick me up and we need to go somewhere far far away.... No where where my mom can find m-me!!" I say still trying to say everything to the point where he can understand me. "ok ok where r u?" "Im at the drug store down by Milly's house please hurry!! I can feel she's coming for me!!!" "alright, on my way its alright everything will be ok." I hung up crying even louder sitting in the gutter waiting for him.

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