A New Place

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Chapter 8:

Winters POV:

Zayn had a blanket wrapped around him, he signaled me over to the bench on the front porch. I sat down next to him and we shared the blanket. Its like he knew.


“Whats up Win?”

“My mom knows… she started yelling and well, it just came out.”

“Well what’d she say…?”

“Shes giving me a week…”

“To what?”

“Shes kicking me out.”

“What?! How could she?!”

“She said I have a week to pack and find a place or else I’ll be in a box on the street with this baby…”

He got up and signaled me to follow. “C’mon lets go talk to my mom, she seems to be a lot nicer from what I know. No offense to you or your mother”

“None taken, I hate her too”

Zayns POV:

Well if this wasn’t nerve wrecking I honestly do not know what is. We walked inside my house. My oldest sister was out of the house, and my two younger sisters just went to bed awhile ago. So it would just be my mom, Winter, and me for now.

“Hey mom, I’d like to introduce you to my girlfriend Winter.” My mom was a very open and nice person so I knew this would go decent.

Winters POV:

Agh, someone save me! This is so much, so fast…

“Oh! Hi, Winter. Lovely meeting you.” She looked to Zayn “Don’t take this the wrong way but, Zayn why at midnight?”

“Well, we need to talk to you…”

His mom showed us towards the sitting area. She sat in a chair across from us and we shared the couch. I whispered to Zayn “Im nervous…” He grabbed my hand and held it tight. It comforted me a little.

“Mom, the reason Winter is here right now, is because well… phew. This is hard to say…”

I piped up “Im pregnant.”

She jumped up out of her seat, I was scared. Was this good or bad?

“Ah, congratulations” She came over and hugged me and then Zayn. “I understand technically its not a good thing cause you guys are only 16… yes, you shouldve been more careful, but yelling or being mad wont make things better”

She sat back down and Zayn looked at her. “Mom, theres more.”

“Oh, what…?”

“My moms kicking me out…” I looked down “She said a have a week to get out”

There was a dreadful silence for a few minutes. I got up to leave.

“No wait Winter… Well, you’ll just have to stay here. I don’t mind. Especially since that’s my grandchild in there.”

Zayn ran over to his mom and gave her a huge hug. “Mom, thank you so much. I promise, we wont break any rules or anything.” He stepped back “Well, anymore rules that is”

“I couldn’t impose on you and your family like that” I looked at her as I said this.

“Nonsense! You can spend the night here, and tomorrow you can go and get your things to move in.”

So it was settled… I was moving in with Zayn and His family. Yes, this was going to be very awkward. At least I don’t have to live on the street I guess. It is gonna be weird though, living across from the woman I thought cared about me. My mom, what did I do to have her hate me so much?

His mom told me that they didn’t have any extra rooms but, considering Zayn and I were gonna have a child she didn’t see an issue with us sharing his room, which is now our room. Zayn seemed perfectly content with it too.

Zayn gave me a tour of this house, it was only one level. He showed me the bathroom, the kitchen, his sisters rooms, his moms room, and then finally his room. It was average size, not huge, but warm and cozy looking.

“How about we just go to sleep Win?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.” He walked over to his closet and pulled out a tee-shirt of his and handed it to me. “Why don’t you wear this, it’d be comfier”

I started to walk towards the bathroom to change but he grabbed my arm “Hey, this is your room to now. You can change here.” He stripped off his pants and changed into a tee, leaving him in just boxers and the shirt.

Any other day I think this would’ve made me want him, but not today. I just wanted to sleep. He went and laid down on the bed, I changed quickly and got into the bed next to him. He put his arm around me and I cuddled up to his chest.

He started snoring signaling that he was asleep. My phone was on the floor with my clothes and I started to hear it vibrate. I grabbed it to see that it was non other than my mother. I sat up at the end of the bed and answered it.

“What mom?”

“Where are you? You need to get home this instant."

“I found a place to stay, I’m getting my things tomorrow and I’ll be out of your way for good.”

“You ungrateful bitch. How could you just brush it off like this is nothing? I took care of you for 16 years.”

“If that’s what you call taking care of me, you need a reality check. Im getting my things tomorrow and im gone. I wouldn’t want to be a burden on you.” I hung up the phone.

I started sobbing, I laid back down and Zayn put his arm around me once again. I drifted off to sleep still crying lightly.

Zayns POV:

*The next morning*

I woke up next to he girl I love this morning. Sure, the circumstances aren’t great, but this is. Today was a school day, It was only 8:10 am right now. I didn’t want to wake her, she had such a tough night. But I knew she would want to go pack while her mom was at work. I kissed her forehead and whispered “Time to get up” She rustled under the covers a little.

“Ewie, morning breath” She giggled. “Mornin’ Zayn. So are we going to school today?”

I looked at her cute morning face “Nah, lets just relax for today, go get your stuff, get you settled here.”

“Ah, I almost forgot! Can I meet your sisters?”

I nodded, “They should be eating breakfast now”

We got up out of bed, she changed into an old tee I gave her and some sweats. I just pulled on some sweats over my boxers. We walked out of the room and into the dining area.

“Waliyha, Safaa I would like you to meet Winter. Shes my girlfriend and shes moving in with us.”

Winter seemed tense and nervous but I knew my sisters would be as welcoming as possible. They were new at this though, I had never had a girlfriend before.

Waliyha jumped up and hugged Winter “Its so great to meet you.” She backed up and smiled with Safaa follwing, she gave Winter a big hug.

Of course Waliyha had to say something “So uhm if you don’t mine my asking, why are you moving in?”

Winter looked at me, I could tell she was confused on what to say.

I looked at my little sisters “Well, Winters pregnant, which means you guys are going to be Aunts!”

They jumped around excitedly, I threw in the last part to boost the excitement level. They had to leave for school, but they seemed very excited to have Winter with us.

“Maybe things will work out okay. I love you Win.”

“I love you too Zaynieee” She leant her head on my shoulder as we picked at the food that was on the table.

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