souls arriving

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souls arriving

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I have fallen while the stars of endless 

endless sucking skies have sucked me down. 

And I have lain broken on the burning lawns of Hell - 

fingers, arms, soul stretched to the point of nothing 

to catch a wind that sings and does not sigh 

with the souls of a million million soulless men. 

And I have slept and dreamt of rising. 

Dreamt the cool nakedness of space 

beyond the shell of light that sucks me down. 

And I have spent my fists with the soulless men 

against the blackened skies of Earth and the blazing 

incandescent trails of souls arriving 

and falling no further. 

To dream this night of rising 

and the cool nakedness of space 

once more.


The road I've left behind has lost its name. 

Winter has returned. The sky is clear. 

Patiently, I stand, each night the same, 

And hardly breathe whilst angels gather near.

Thus spills the light of heaven into sight, 

Through silken panels falling from its eaves. 

Upon the starry sweep of northern night, 

In ribbon-folds of light and dark it leads

Above the shepherd pine and hemlock choirs. There - 

This night! The sky! The lights! The stars! The fire! 

Above! Across! My God...


How do angels die, you ask. 

Well, just as they are born, in fact. 

And how might that be, you inquire. 

They're born of kinfolk who've expired. 

Does that mean that they're us, you press. 

Quite so. We've each our angelness.

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