Chapter Four: I Love You Too

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     “Scarlet, you can leave now.” The nurse said.

     “What?” I jumped out of my trance and glanced around the room to see my things packed away and ready to go. “Oh, right. Sorry.” I stood up and grabbed my bag full of daily necessities. I wasn’t excited as I thought I would be about getting released. Blake would also be coming home today. It’s been two weeks since I last saw him, so I’m happy about finally being able to hug him.

     I was about to grab a large pile of blankets from home when someone’s arms scooped them up from behind me.

     “I’ll take those.” I spun around to see my brother.

     “Cameron, you nearly scared me.” I complained.

     “Sorry sis, just trying to help.” He winked, grinning like the total idiot he is.

     “Stop being cheeky and help me carry my clothes.”

     “Dad already grabbed them.” He scoffed, grabbing a few things I missed. I spun around to see a bag missing from its place, not only realizing it was gone, but I couldn’t remember when my dad came in and took it.

     “When did he take it?” I asked.

     Cameron started to laugh, “You don’t remember? You were sitting right there.” He pointed to the now made hospital bed.

     I shook my head. “I probably wasn’t paying attention.”

     “Well you better start.” He smiled.

     “What?” I said confused, only to turn around and see a beautiful looking boy standing in the doorway.

     “Blake!” I nearly shouted, throwing myself against him.

     “Hey Scar, I missed you.” He smiled at me, and hugged me tighter.

     “You aren’t supposed to come back until three! It’s only eleven. Did you switch flights?” I spoke quickly, full of feelings I couldn’t’ explain.

     “I wanted to surprise you!” He said as he kissed my forehead.

     “Well apparently you did.” Cameron mumbled.

     “Don’t be an ass Cam,” I said flicking his arm. He gave me a scowl.

     “All ready to go?” My dad hyped, popping into the room, ”Oh hey Blake.”

     “Yup!” I cheered, adjusting the pink scarf rapped around my baldhead.

     I pulled my bag over my shoulder, and rapped my fragile fingers around Blake’s strong grip. I was finally leaving this wretched jail for at least a few weeks. I could feel my smile widen as we walked closer and closer to the exit doors. It’s been weeks since I’ve smelt fresh air, and I could finally take a big breath of it.

     I danced towards the car, throwing my bag in the trunk. I slid into the back seat, pulling Blake inside.

     “I can’t drive with you love.” He said apologetically.

     “Why?” I asked, confused.

     “I drove my own car here.” We both laughed at my foolishness.

     “Oh,” I said as he kissed me quick.

     “I’ll see you back at the house.”  He raised his arm as he jogged towards his car. I waved back at him as the vehicle started to move.

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