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Chapter Three


"You little shit!" I could hear the screaming and crying as I walked into the house. Anger rose up in me as I walked into the living room. My mother sat on the couch lazily as her boyfriend slapped my baby sister across her face. Of course, she didn't even give a shit. I rushed over and picked my sister up.

"I'm not finished with her!" He screamed as she cried on to my shoulder. I glared at him.

"What the hell did she do?" My little sister, Cecilia, was five years-old and ever since she had been born, I was protective of her. I practically raised her. My mother had done nothing, but sit on her butt and I hated her for it. All she cared about was her boyfriend.

"She spilled milk all over the kitchen floor!" Cece started crying harder.

"I didn't mean to. Mommy wouldn't get it for me." I turned to my mother and glared at her. She couldn't even get the kid milk.

"Why didn't you just get it for her?" My mom rolled her dark brown eyes and lit a cigarette. I was dying for one right now. I moved Cecilia to prop her on my side and waited for my mom's answer. I honestly hated my mother. She had never been a good mom. Even when I was younger. She had only truely been a mother up until I was three.

"The little shit can get it for herself." I didn't say anything to her and turned, walking back to my bedroom. I sat Cecilia on my bed and pulled out my cell phone. Celcilia still had tears running down her face and I wiped a finger across her cheek to stop them from falling.

"Stop crying, kiddo. You're too pretty for that." She sniffled and wiped at her eyes. I checked the time on my phone. 8:39 p.m. . I

sighed and dialed my best friend, Matt's, number.

"Hello?" He answered. Matt was the one person I knew I could turn to. He'd been there for me forever and we knew each other like the back of our hands.

"Hey. Can I bring Cece over? The three of us could hang out for the night?" I looked down at my little sister who was looking up at me with her big brown eyes. I gave her a smile and she smiled back.

"Uh, yeah, sure. Come over whenever." I grabbed Cece's backpack off of the floor and handed it to her.

"Okay. We'll be over soon. Bye." I hung up the phone and packed my stuff into a backpack and walked Cece into her room.

"Are we going to Matty's?" She asked, sucking on her thumb.

"Yeah, C. Pack a pair of pajamas, some clothes for tomorrow, your toothbrush, and ONE stuffed animal. Oh and stop sucking your thumb." She unzipped her bag and I helped her get her stuff together, before picking her up and walking out into the living room. My step-dad glared at me.

"Where the hell do you think you're fucking going?" He slurred. He was definitely drunk. Not that he was ever sober.

"I'm taking Cecilia to a friends house, Dan. We're staying over night." I grabbed my car keys and walked into the kitchen.

"Get the fuck out of here then!" I heard Dan yell from the living room. I rolled my eyes and went outside to my car. I sat Cece in the back and got in the car.

"Put your seatbelt on, C." She quickly buckled herself in and I pulled out of the driveway.

We arrived at Matt's house about 10 minutes later. I knocked on the door and Matt answered with a smile.

"Hey, Cece. How you doing, kid?" He asked and she gave him a smile, while once again sucking on her thumb. I grabbed her hand and moved it away from her mouth. She has to stop doing that.

"Stop doing that, Cece. You're gonna end up with weird looking teeth if you keep doing that." I put her down on the ground and we walked inside. Matt's mom came out and smiled at us.

"Hey, kids. Cece, honey, do you want to help me decorate some cookies? And then we could bake a cake?" Cece grinned and ran over to her.

"Thanks, Mrs. Dashton." I said and she nodded, grabbing Cece's hand and leading her into the kitchen. Matt led me upstairs to his room and I tossed my bag and Cece's on to the floor and plopped down on his computer chair. He tossed me a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and I lit cigarette and tossed them back.

"How's your day been?" He asked and I sighed.

"Fucking long. I'm exhausted." I took a drag of the cigarette and blew out the smoke.

"Same. It's been a rough week." Matt lit himself a cigarette.

"Tell me about it. I've got work, my fucking stepdad and stupid mother, and then I've got this bitch, I don't even remember her name, bothering me about this stupid baby project." Matt quirked an eyebrow. He was a Senior, so we didn't have the same classes as I was a Junior. Lucky bastard.

"The baby project? I remember that. I got partnered up with Amy Hoffner. It was pretty great actually because every time we'd hang out, we'd end up hooking up. Although, it was creepy too with the robot baby there. I felt like it was watching us." I rolled my eyes as there was a soft knock on his bedroom door. We both quickly put out the cigarettes and tried our best to make sure it didn't smell like smoke. Matt opened the door to reveal Cece carrying a plate with two cookies on it.

"I brought you cookies!" She said with a grin. I smiled as she walked into the room and handed me the plate.

"Thanks, C." I sat the plate on Matt's desk and picked her up and sat her on my leg. Matt plopped back down on his bed.

"Are you gonna eat them?" Cece asked, impatiently. I chuckled and grabbed one off of the plate, taking a giant bite out of it.

"Mm. That's yummy." I said and she giggled and looked at Matt.

"Eat yours!" She demanded and Matt groaned.

"Ugh. I'm too lazy to get up. Can you bring it over here, C?" He asked. She grabbed the plate and climbed off my leg, before walking it over to Matt. He grabbed the plate from her and took a bite of the cookie. She grinned and ran out the bedroom door and down the stairs. I stood up and shut the door.

"When I turn 18, I'm moving out of that hell house and taking Cece with me." I said, sitting back down.

"Yeah. How old is she now? 5?" I nodded my head.

"Yeah. I need to get her out of that place. " I really did. Before it destroyed her like it had me. I didn't want Cece to have to end up like me. Not at all. I wanted her to get to be a normal teenager. I wanted her to stay on a good path and be successful and whatnot. I wouldn't let her end up like me.

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