We meet again... (Harry Styles Fanfic)

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Haaaaai were One Direction!!!! JKAYYYY! ); If only that were true...... Anyways heres the story!:) MY FIRST STORY BTW! Also this didnt come from a dream, I lost the idea and when I was mid-way typing this I remembered the dream. lol


Chapter 1:

Our Past

-Paige's POV-

"Harry just knock it off." I was very frustrated that he was teasing me about my braces. He held up his hands in surrender.

"Sorrrrrry," he said emphasizing the word, "...Braceface." he smirked as I groaned in agitation. He was really getting on my nerves.

I mean we are in middle school, getting ready to go to high school since this was our last day of year 8, shouldnt he be acting more mature instead of less mature everyday? But besides his imaturity there were looks... I mean, I will admit he IS acttractive for being in the year 8 (8th grade) and he was quite smart. Which is suprising since hes very immature. And he was quite fit... he was just immature and to much of a player. He has every girl at his feet. I, suprised he talks to me, I have acne (not much of it) I wear glasses and I have braces. Thats actually pretty average if your talking about UglyBetty. Me and Harry WERE friends. But I dont exactly remeber what happened... and why we just, broke apart.

A huge, boy-like hand, was waving in front of my face. And their breath tickeled my nose. I snapped out of my thoughts to look in a curly-haired boys, emerald eyes. Our noses were nearly touching.

"What?" I whispered to, none other than, Harry. He just stared at me and my 'luscious' lips. He kept looking between my eyes and lips. He was leaning in, 'Awwww cheese! Dont let that boy kiss me! No matter how badly I want him to!' I gulped. I was leaning against a wall. His arm on the wall and the hand of his other arm underneath my chin. I didnt even realize that we were the only ones in the hall. 

Now he was fulling leaned in, I felt something, passion. But that wasnt the only thing it was also lust, hunger. Was it possible that Harry's liked me all along?? I denied having feelings for him, mine was just a little crush. But the main question that popped up through the whole kiss was:

Why does Harry like me; if he even does; and why me, Im hideous, Im the opposite of sexy, let alone pretty?

He pulled away, opening his eyes, his face was a complete shade of various reds. It got darker by the minute, you could literally see the color of his face reflecting off the floor. I will say, I probably didnt look much better. He looked back up at me.

"Hi... um sorry about the kiss. I just couldnt help it." He said utterly embrassed.

"No need to be, and I couldnt help my self either." The last part barely audible. I looked down at the floor fumbling with my hands. I smiled at the ground, so happy that I had shared my first kiss with the boy I like and who I was pretty darn sure liked me back. I looked back up at him to see him smiling so cheekily it made me blush. He had hn\ints of blush everywhere on his cheeks. Even his cute little dimples showing.

"Looks like we were on the same page then." He said winking at me.

"I guess we are, um, we might wanna get to class cause we are are massvely late." Me and Harry had every singe class together. We sat next to each other in each class even though we 'despised' each other. Everything turned out well those 2 years. Right until it hit year 10. We were both 16, we had different interests, hobbies, etc. etc.. Until one day I heard someone on my TV. Looked  like Harry, had the same voice, from the same place, even the same age. I was shocked to know that the Chesire boy I had known since kindergarten (Yep kindergarten, but they hadnt really been talking until year 8) decided to go on a singing show, called X-factor, and perform in front of millions. Now dont  just look pitiful. After the song finished, his; Harry's; sentence caught me on suprise.

"That song was dedicated to my love back in Homles Chapel, Paige Upton." Harry said, blush creeping everywhere on his face. I was literally caught in someones arm from almost falling over. 

"Hey, isnt that Harry?" Kacie said, my annoying yet loving sister, who was just 1 year younger then me. I couldnt form words so I just nodded my head and sat on the couch as my sister came back with popcorn in her hands and joined me whilst we waited for Harrys results.


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