Ryanne's story


Monday's weren't good for me. I absolutely loathed getting up on Mondays. Luckily, Alma knew that, so she cooked me a big breakfast. That's the only way she could get me to come downstairs.

After showering and getting dressed in some skinny jeans and a pretty blouse, I made my way downstairs.

Alma set my scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice on the table. "Good morning," I said to her.

I looked down at the food and smiled. "Gracias Alma, it smells amazing," I told her and she smiled and leaned down to kiss my forehead.

"You look very pretty, mi hija," She complemented me and I smiled up gratefully at her.

After my mother had left us, Alma was the next closest thing to a mother. She immediately took the position of being a mother and a friend to me and my brother. She understood ans took care of us like we were her own. I asked Alma if she had any kids in Mexico, but she hadn't. Her husband died when she was twenty six.

Me and Keith owe Alma everything. She helped us pick up the pieces when mom had walked out on us and never left our sides. I don't think me and Keith would be this okay if it weren't for Alma.

She kept us in place and gave us love my mother lacked on giving.

To me Alma was my mom.

After I finished eating, Alma told me Keith would be heading back to his dorm to start classes again. Knowing Keith wouldn't be home when I come back from school, I had to tell him goodbye. I walked over to Keith's room, which was two doors on my left.

I knocked on the door and braced myself for the horrible smell of boy-funk and just a horrible sight. Like every other guy, he was messy. After knocking for a couple of minutes, he came out shirtless and looking half asleep.

When he widened the door, I peered over his shoulder to find his room looking a lot more clean. Still not very clean, but a lot cleaner. You could actually see the floor.

"I don't think I've told you this before but you're seriously an idiot," I told him and he scratched his ass and shot me a confused look.

"You tell me that all the time," He said, yawning loudly and looking at me in boredom.

"Yeah, but you really are stupid. Why would you live in a dorm when your college isn't even that far away?" I questioned, crossing my arms over my chest.

He smirked sleepily. "I stay at a dorm instead of here, because I can bring girls over to my room and screw. Alma totally wouldn't let me bring a girl to do the nasty here," He replied in a duh tone and I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever," I told him.

Keith yawned again. "Did you wake me up for that?"

"No, you bum. I came to say bye. I'll miss you, even though you're such a pain in my ass and with you gone Sam wouldn't be here to annoy me either. Be safe and I'll see you soon," I told him and he smiled and opened his arms wide.

I stepped in to his opened arms and hugged my big brother. He hugged me back. "I'll miss you too, Hale," He said softly.

"Get to school before you make me cry," He said while he pulled away from me.

I give him one last smile and turn to leave. I stop dead in my tracks and turn back to look at him. He arches an eyebrow at me in questioning.

"Please wrap it up," I tell him flatly and he laughs loudly.

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