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a/n: WAHHH LAST CHAPTER ): though it's really short and isn't really a chapter...

     “Guys, I have something to tell you,” I said, looking at everyone’s faces nervously. Sitting on the second music room’s couch were Kiran, Cora, Jace, Ryan, Zach, and Carter.

    “Are you pregnant?” Carter asked worriedly.

     “No, and I’m going to shoot you for interrupting me,” I replied immediately. Audible relieved sighs were heard amongst my friends. “Seriously guys?” I said incredulously. “I would never get pregnant at the age of sixteen. Don’t be ridiculous.”

     “We know,” Cora assured. “The thought just crossed our minds briefly. It’s just that now that you and Kiran are going out…” She grinned at me mischievously and crossed her arms.

     “Ignoring that, I really do have something to tell you guys.” I took a deep breath, trying to bring seriousness back into the mood. “I…used to be a delinquent and be in a gang but now I quit and I got expelled from my old school because I punched a guy; I didn’t actually punch him that hard he was just being a baby and – ”

     “Wait, backtrack; you were in a gang? Why didn’t you tell us?” Carter said in awe. “What was it like?”

     “How hard did you hit the guy?” Cora added, a bit more excited than she should’ve been. “I bet he totally deserved it. Why aren’t you guys saying anything?” she directed at the other four guys.

     “I already knew,” Kiran, Jace, Ryan, and Zach said at the same time.

     “Kiran knew from the beginning, Jace knew of course, Ryan after we went to the crepes place,” I explained, “but Zach, how do you know?”

     He pointed at Jace. “He told me.”

     “On accident,” Jace added quickly. “I forgot for a second that he didn’t know.”

     “And you guys didn’t tell us?” Cora pouted. “Boys; so annoying.”

     Carter gaped. “Why am I the only guy who didn't know? Dude, not fair!”

     Cora waved Carter’s comment aside. “Wait, delinquent business aside, how did your date with Kiran go yesterday? I heard you guys went to Disneyland.”

     I blushed and gestured for us to shut up as the guys were still here but everyone suddenly perked up at the word “date.”

     “Oh yeah, tell us how it went!”

     “You got home pretty late last night, Khlo.”

     “Ooh, Khloe and Kiran are going through a rebellious phase, you better watch your sister, Jace.”

     “How’d you guys find out about it?” I asked, panicking.

     “Connections,” everyone answered at the same time.

     I looked at everyone and made a face. “You guys are so scary.”

     Kiran got up and smothered me into a hug. “But you love us.”

     A chorus of “aw’s” erupted from the people sitting on the couch and I laughed, burying my head into Kiran’s shoulder. “Yeah, I love you guys.”

a/n: YAY FOR HAPPY ENDINGS C: i can't belive this is over omg first story that i've EVER. AND I MEAN EVER. FINISHED. wow. i think i'm gonna write a few one shots though until november (watty's) so this story doesn't become forgotton lolol XD maybe a christmas date? because it's around november in contradictions :3 or maybe a thanksgiving dinner with the fambam? c;

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