Chapter 16- The Hospital

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When I stepped into the room, I couldn’t believe my eyes. In the room, it was a normal hospital room, with two beds on either side of the room, a TV on the wall playing the news, and three nurses were in the room. One nurse was checking the monitors, one nurse was filling up a glass of water, and the third nurse was changing channels on the TV. What I saw flabbergasted me.

Adam was laying unconscious on the bed, about a hundred wires connecting him to different machines and monitors.  What shocked me that most, was that Jayden was here, and he had disappeared for a few days, and there he was. I think me and Tatiana walked in on a private moment because

Jayden was sitting on the ground next to Adam’s bed and I could see a few tears dripping down his cheeks.

“Uh hey Jayden” Tatiana said.

“Get out of my way” he nearly shouted, then ran out of the room shoving me and Tatiana out of the way in the process.

The nurse who was checking the monitors said “Hi, I’m nurse Kelly and I’m one of Adam’s nurses, his heart is fine, but as for his nervous system we cant be sure until he wakes and we can run some tests. He’s been in a coma for about 2 days now, but doctor Carp says he should be waking soon” she gave us a nice smile, and took the vase and flowers to set them on the white table next to Adam’s big hospital bed.

“These should look nice in here, good choice” Nurse Kelly said while setting the vase on the table.

“Please tell me he’ll be ok” I begged.

“All his vital organs seem fine, and when he wakes up we will test his nervous system. The surgery to remove the glass was successful, and he should only have the bandage on for a few weeks, and then there will be a scar. His spinal cord should be fine, but again we can’t be sure about any nerve damage” she told me. She walked across the room to fill out some evaluation papers and later all the nurses left to let me and Tatiana  stay with Adam.

Tatiana just went and sat on the unoccupied bed, and I walked over, pulling a chair up by Adam’s bed. Taking his hand I said “Adam, I sometimes hear that when people are in comas, they can hear people talking. If that is true, I am speaking to you now. I know you are strong, and you will pull through this. If you heard the nurses, you don’t have much damage, so that’s good. Please wake up soon, think about how the world is like if your gone.”I took a deep breath and continued. “Think about mom, she works so had to provide for us ever since daddy died, and we barely scrape by now, whatever she gets goes to house payments and rest for food. Think about Hannah, just two days ago you were on a date with her, which I assume went very well. Think about Jayden even, I’m sure he was here earlier, he’s your best buddy! Jayden has nobody without you.” With that last word I let go of his hand and walked over, sitting next to Tatiana.  

I sat on the empty bed motionless as Tatiana talked a little to Adam, then we both sat on the bed. A few minutes later, we decided to go visit Hannah, who happened to be right down the hall. I picked up the vase of roses we picked for Hannah and me and Tatiana walked down the hall, about five doors over.

When we opened the door, the sight was a little happier. Hannah’s parents were there already, and a balloon with large stuffed bear were sitting happily on her bed, along with a ‘get well soon’ card. Hannah was laughing at a joke when we first walked in, she seemed happier than a person in the hospital would be.

“Hi guys!” Hannah waved her right arm, her left arm had an IV in it.  Instead of a second bed, Hannah’s room had a small couch, I guess for visitors. “Guess what??” she said excitedly.

“What?” me and Tatiana said at the same time.

“I get to go home later today!” Hannah cheered.

“Oh my gosh yay!” I cheered and clapped.

Tatiana just said “woo…” and looked at the ground.

“What about Adam though? He’s been in a coma for two days for now, he could be in a coma for weeks!” she said sadly.

Apparently Hannah hadn’t heard anything about Adam’s condition, because her mood went from happy and cheering, so sad and crying. Hannah’s mom gave her a tissue and started explaining about Adam, and some of it just made her cry more. Right there I realized something.

Hannah truly loved Adam, and she couldn’t live without him.

After a moment of silence, a nurse came in and said visiting time was over, and Hannah is free to leave after her parents fill out some papers. Me, Tatiana, and Hannah went to sit in the waiting room, while Hannah’s parents went up to the front desk to fill out the papers and pay the bills.

Her parents came up to us and said “Shall we see Adam?” and so Hannah reluctantly got up, and we slowly walked to Adam’s room.

Adam still laid motionless on the bed, still connected to all the wires and machinery.

Hannah sat on the floor by his bed, and held his hand and just sat there. Me, Tatiana, and Hannah’s parents went to sit in the waiting room, Tatiana immediately started texting her ex-boyfriend, as usual and I picked up a magazine. Hannah came out a few moments later with tears in her eyes. Now that Hannah was in her T-shirt and shorts, instead of under the hospital covers, I could see her scars.

She had one small scar across her forehead, it wouldn’t be noticeable, she could move her hair over it. She had hundreds of small jagged scars up and down her arms, and on her legs, and one little scar on her right hand on the palm of her hand.

I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands, trying to hold back the tears. The one little scar on her head was ok, but the rest of her body was covered, I wonder what the people at school will think in two months. Speaking of school, Jayden was actually off to college, because he was a year older than all of us.

We all quietly walked out the back entrance, me and Tatiana getting in my jeep, Hannah and her family getting in the other car. We all drove to our houses, and I dropped Tatiana at her house. When I got home, my mom was already sleeping and had left dinner on the stove, since she worked all night she was really tired.

After I was done eating I the home phone started ringing, on the Caller ID it said “County Hospital” I picked up the phone and slowly said “Hello..?”


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