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After meeting The lads that walked in on me singing, we had become close friends almost instantly. I checked the clock and it showed 11:21, then the bell rang and I said my goodbye's to them before heading out the swinging double doors and off to my first class. The class was surprisingly 12 steps away from the music room which was very convenient for me. I didn't have a locker yet so I didn't bother bringing any school supplies, and walked into the Culinary Arts class.

The room was filled with two or three boys and the rest girls, One in particular had been staring at me. She had beautiful tanned skin and a shining complexion with dark but fair make-up, bringing out her features to a glimmering perfection. Her shoulder length, Burgundy-hazelnut hair framing her luminescent skin. Then she sneered at me as if saying 'What you staring at bitch?! Fuck off!' and flipped me off then turned back to her chatting friends. I was gobsmacked. What did i do wrong? I shrugged it off and took the empty seat next to her, ignoring the glares and stares from the girls, burning holes into my back, then Mr.Figglehorn walked in.(A/N: I, skipper_low69, wrote this entire paragraph, but this is everything i don't look like. Except the hair color, and its curly-ish, like a mushroom.)

"Good morning class, we have a new student joying us today, Rebecca do u want to tell us about yourself?" He asked in a rather sour mood but I nodded and stood up turning to face the other students that'd been sitting behind me. I explained why I had come to London and what job my mum does.

"My name is Rebecca James and I came out here from Africa because my father abused my mum before the divorce. Now my mum's an interviewer for J-14 magazine" I spoke fast enough that i didn't have to stand anymore and turned to sit back down before the girls started mumbling and gasping about the way i spoke, my mum being abused by my dad or my mum being an interviewer. Even the girl next to me had an apologetic fret upon her face, I didn't even know that could be kind hearted too.

"I'm sorry for doing that, my name's Chris." Chris was practically in my face and she smelt like carrots. She backed up and leaned against her chair and grabbed my hand, shaking it rapidly. I just sat there waiting for her to drop my hand and giggled at the thought of how strange it was that Chris was sorta acting like Louis. Even though I don't know him or the others well, they were pretty funny and weird within the time I met them.

So we talked and got to know each other a little, and I knew we were gonna be the best of friends. We both incidentally have three classes together: Maths, Phys. Ed, and American History. And including Culinary Arts, it's four.

Mr. Figglehorn started talking about what we're gonna do on Wednesday, saying we can either partner up or go single and decide on what types of ingredients and the recipe we want to make. I didn't know much about cooking but I can always ask my mum to help or something. I turn in my seat to face Chris "Hey, Chris, wanna be partners?" Since I can only cook spaghetti sauce, pasta, and whatever I am instructed to, I won't cook.

"Yeah, lets do this thong!" What the heck? Did she just say thong . . . I started to crack up and soon enough I got scolded by Mr. Figglehorn. The day passed by quick and as soon as I knew it, it was time to head home. After the bell went, Chris had head off to the computer room to print a recipe for me so I headed to the music room till she was done. I stepped through the double doors for the second time today and spotted Harry at the same spot I stood earlier. He was singing a song that I'd never heard before.

"Girl I see it in your eyes you're disappointed

'Cause I'm the foolish one that you anointed with your heart

I tore it apart

And girl what a mess I made upon your innocence

And no woman in the world deserves this

But here I am asking you for one more chance

Can we fall, one more time?

Stop the tape and rewind

Oh and if you walk away I know I'll fade

'Cause there is nobody else

It's gotta be you

Only you

It's gotta be you

Only you"

"Wow" I covered my mouth in awe. He span around in shock then his face turned Rosy red. "Your an awesome singer." He runs his hand through his curly hair.

"Thanks." He mutters in embarrassment as I giggle at his expression. I took the sheets I had found earlier on a chair and set them onto a music stand, then walked over to an acoustic guitar and started strumming a few chords. In perfect tune.

"Wanna try singing with me Harry?" I look over to him to notice he was watching my every move. He slowly nods his head as my question sinks in, so I step over to his side. "What song?" I ask, handing him the sheets.

He points to 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart By Elton John and Kiki Dee.' "This one." I nod and start strumming the chords.

"Don't go breaking my heart

I couldn't if I tried

Ah honey, if I get restless...

Baby, you're not that kind

Don't go breaking my heart

You take the weight off me

Ah honey, when you knock on my door

I gave you my key

Nobody knows it

When I was down

I was your clown

Nobody knows it

Right from the start

I gave you my heart

I gave you my heart

So don't go breaking my heart

I wont go breaking your heart

Don't go breaking my heart"

We finished and gave each other a pat on the back in accomplishment. There was a loud 'clang' and 'clatter' coming from down the hall towards the cafeteria then Harry muttered something about Louis and his pranks. "I'll go and check whats going on, be right back." I say as I make my way out the doors once again and onto the cafeteria, 3 corridors down.

I push the door open to find 18 people throwing pies and burnt cookies? I open my mouth to ask whats going on when I see Louis Hiding behind the kitchen counter holding a cream pie. He launched it my way aiming for the guy nearest to me and smacked into my face getting my clean hair messed up. I froze wide eyed, glaring at Louis who had guiltily hid further into the counter. I let out a grunt and turned, storming back to the music room.

I could tell Harry was stifling a laugh because he'd let out a little bubble of laughter once every while. "This isn't funny! Lou just threw a pie in my hair!" I pout my bottom lip grumpily as My hair started to solid and my face became sticky.

"jeez, you sound just as vain as Zayn--."

"I heard that!" I heard Zayn shout from somewhere.

Harry let out a few more chuckles then gave me a hand with the pieces of pie crust that had become one with my hair. I chuckled as he tugged on some of the curls. His smile grew and tugged on another, trying to make me laugh again. But it didn't tickle, it felt, kinda nice. I blush as he keeps tugging that one part. "Um, harry," I breathe out. "Your kinda, um, pulling on my sensitive spot." I think my face just went from pink to furious red. He drops his hands back to his side and ran his hand in his curls nervously, As flushed as a tomato.


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