Emily's POV.

The same day...after chatting with the boys and girls I could notice how Harry couldn't take his eyes of me, Well I couldn't take my eyes of him either, But why? Okay the constant thought of him was driving me crazy. First my mind was like "I hate him" and sceonds later my whole body would have butterflies all over just because of the thought of him. 

  The door knocked. "Hey.. Em... ermm.. Its me Harry" Harry's voice said from the outside. 

  "Not kind of a good moment to knock on my door"


  "I'm on my pajamas"


 "Well.. erm... Half of my buttchick is showing.. Ya know?"

  He laughed, "I'm in boxers... that should make it equal! And it's not like I've seen that before"

  "You are such a naughty boy"

  "Common let me in" He said jiggling the door knob.

  "What?" I said opening the door. He came in the room and closed it behind him.

  "I-I just wanna try one thing" He said walking towards me. Every step he made foward I gave it backwards. I was stopped by the wall where Harry caged me in beteen his arms. 

  "I-I have this constant thought of you in my head.. Something that never happens to me... and I just wanna figure out what it is" He muttered. Whatever this feeling he had for me, just by the way he spoke those words.. It doesn't seem like it's a pleasent feeling. He came in about to kiss my lips "Harry... This is not how it works... Maybe it does work with sluts"

  "I-I am sorry... I'm not used to love.. I-I"

  "And what are you used to? Wild sex?" I said rolling my eyes and joking around.

  "Perhaps" He muttered.

  "Well.. I'm not a..."

  "I'm sorry" He frowned and ran out the door.

  God this boy is weird. He first comes in my room and tries to jump on top of me like I'm some kind of.... Ughh...

Harry's POV.

   What did I just do? Yeah, I'm used to just having sex with girls but this is not what I wanted from Em... But what did I want from her? It can't be love? I can't have fallen in love with her! I mean I have no heart.. I don't love... I just... Oh God. What's wrong with me? I better go say sorry for what just happened.

  I knocked on her door.

  "Hey Em..." I jiggled the door knob.

  "You are not gonna try to.. rape me in anyway this time aren't you?" She said.

  "No.. Um... I-I just don't... I-I" I stammered. What the fuck is wrong with me!? I can't even look at her in the eyes.

  "Hey... I know" She muttered. I closed the door behind me and sat on the edge of her bed.

  "I feel something weird when I'm around you... And I know that what I'm doing is exactly what people don't do in the movies... But it's just that I don't know what this feeling is" I said starring blankley at the floor. Emily sat next to me and ran her thumb along the top of my hand making me feel.. sparks?

  "It's like when we touch there's this tinglysh feeling that somehow makes me smile" She added.

  "Yeah" I smiled at the thought that I wasn't the only one.

  "What does this mean?" I asked. She stared blankly at the wall still smiling... like she was thinking or remembering.

  "I don't know" She nodded without making her smile disapear "But I have never felt it before.... and I like it" She said making her smile wider. After starring at her for a while I didn't realize I was smiling too.

  I sighed, "Hey.. Umm... You should get some sleep" I said walking away to the door.

  "Good night Haz" She said.

  "Already giving me a nickname?" I said letting a small giggle out of my lips.


  "Goodnight Em" I said smiling. I stared at her from the door. I just couldn't stare away from her light brown eyes. "HARRYY!?!?!" Louis brought me back to earth. "I better go" I said slowly closing the door. Shit... I'm inlove. Harry Edward Styles, Inlove.

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