Before i start writing this final chapter of my GMD3 fanfic.. 

I wanna dedicate the whole fanfic to my 3 amazing girls, @NishaClarkTW , @Alana_Gough and @Shannon_Oldham. Thank you for wanting to be a part of this fanfic, it really means a lot.. 

And you girls certainly mean a lot to me, once again, thank you. xxo.


Shannon's POV.


I screamed as i saw them standing with Dan. He was all covered in blood and you could tell he was really hurt, he was in pain.

Me - "Dont you dare hurt him!"

I spat at the tall person who was now standing in front of me smirking as he watched my reaction over Dan.

Tall person - "You little!"

? - "Dont you dare touch her Philip!" 

Philip - "Darling, he's not here. Youre too late."

This Philip guy was standing in the way so i couldnt see who it was he was talking to, so i just prayed that it was someone that was helping me.

? - "What the hell are you doing to Dan?!"

Philip - "Following orders, like you should."

? - "You really think im listening to that idiot?!"

Philip - "Boss aint gonna be happy with you darling."

? - "Go to hell!"

And with that Philip was being thrown away and someone was now standing inbetween Dan and the car who was speeding up towards them and just as the car was a few millimeters everything went black. 

I slowly opened my eyes to find myself sitting next to Dan who was laid in a hospital bed fighting for his life.

Micky's POV.

Alana - "Micky do something!" 

What should i do? Whatever i chose to do will kill one of my best friends. Who did this guy think he was? 

Me - "Alana, get into the kitchen and stay there." 

Alana - "But.." 

Me - "Alana trust me!" 

I needed to save both their lives and to be able to do so, i was gonna give myself to him so he would let both of them go. 

Alana walked away and into the kitchen leaving me and that guy alone.

Me - "Take me instead, release them and take me!" 

? - "Youre such a fool. You really think im gonna let Nishas boyfriend go?" 

Nisha - "Yes you are Derek!" 

Derek - "Nisha?" 

Me - "Nisha?" 

Nisha - "Derek! Leave!" 

Derek - "You have nothing against me, youre no match for me!" 

Nisha - "Oh really! Havent you felt a little weak lately? I wonder who changed the drinks and meals.."

Derek - "You.. you little!" 

He rushed up to her and grabbed her throath with his hands as he lifted her up from the ground. 

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