The Orphans Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight The Orphans

 After I come back from the bathroom it’s quite awkward, but the boys being the gentlemen they are decide not to question it.  Once we were all finished, we went back to the hotel that we are staying at and bid each other a good night.

*Next Morning--- Jenna’s POV*

I was enjoying a nice dream about singing with Courtney until I felt something lighting up my eye lids and disturbing my blissful blackness.  I groggily open up my eyes to see the sun shining through my window.  Groaning I manage to wake myself up enough to talk to Courtney.

“Courtney please close the curtains.” But I’m only greeted by silence.  That’s odd considering Courtney’s an early riser.

“Courtney?” I glance around our room to see it completely empty. Throwing the covers off I wander through our Hotel suit trying to find her but only to find it empty.

“Courtney this isn’t funny!!” I call out to her.  Still silence. Running back into my room I through on some random clothes and jog across the hall to the boys room.  I go to Harry and Louis’s room first. Knock, Knock, Knock.  A groggy Harry opens the door.

“What’s up Jenna?”

“Is Courtney over here?”

“No, why?”

“Fudge! I woke up only to find her bed and our hotel room empty and I was wondering if she maybe came over to talk to you guys.” I rush out. I don’t know what triggered his worry, the fact that Courtney wasn’t in our room or the fact that I was a few seconds away from a panic attack. I mean either or could be the reason, both were bad.

“Hey, it’s going to be alright, we will find her.”  With that we proceed to go and wake up all the boys in an attempt to find Courtney but with no luck.  I’m sitting next to Harry now just waiting, it’s already close to noon. I really don’t know where she could have gone to. I mean she’s not one for disappearing for hours without leaving a note! We had Paul call around to see if Courtney happened to drop by anywhere, still no luck. God I hope she’s alright, I don’t know what I’d do without her!  She’s my best friend, sister and all the family I have.

All of a sudden the lock on our door clicks and in comes the devil that is causing me this panic attack in the first place with a small bag slung over her shoulder and a blank expression on her face.

*Courtney’s POV*

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