**A/N** Hai guys! This is my new fanfic. WOOO. It's a Harry Styles fanfic. I promised myself to update everyday!  I have school in 3 days though. But I will work something out! LOVE YOU ALL FOR READING THIS :) 

"Beth! Are you ready? We have to go!"  My dad eagerly shouted in a hurry.

"Yes. Hold on dad." I said as I let out a sigh.  I stuffed my last pair of jeans into my suit case. 

I grabbed my last suit case and stumbled out the door.

"Ready?" He asked smiling.

"Nope. But let's go." 

After 30 minutes of the drive to Doncaster, which was 7 hours away from where we had lived, until my father decided to marry a girl named Jeanie Tomlinson, I put my earbuds in and the song Beth by KISS came on shuffle. It's mine and my dad's song because it has my name in it, Beth.  

'I have to lose all my friends in London for new friends here in Doncaster.' I thought to myself as I listened to the song.   

Soon the song finished. It wasn't the longest song, but it was the best in my opinion.  

After the incident of my parents divorcing when I was a baby, my father was cautious about who he dated. This is his first serious girlfriend since he divorced. 

My dad kept on talking about how great this 'Jeanie' is. 

I zoned him out most of the time, until, I heard the names Louis and Maddi. 

"Who are they?" I asked giving him a confused look on my face. 

"Jeanie's kids, of course! Louis is only two years older than you. He is 18. Maddi is almost 15!" 

"Uhm... Okay..." 

"Yes! We are here! Isn't this a beautiful home, Beth? You'll love it!" He said as he pulled into the drive way of the fancy home. 

He quickly jumped out of the car grabbing all the suit cases he could possibly hold, and started running to the door.

I just sat the in the car, realizing this is my new life here in Doncaster. 

"Well, can't stay in the car forever." I got out grabbing my two suit cases and walking to the door.

I slowly knocked as, I guess, Jeanie, answered the door.

"Hello! I have heard so much about you! Meet my kids! This is Maddi." She told me smiling from ear to ear. "And this is Louis!" 

Louis had on a striped shirt with red pants. He also had on TOMS to match. Maddi had on a short rose colored dress that was silk, with black heels. Her long brown curls dangled at her shoulders.

"Hey." I said shyly.

"Hi!" Maddi said as she smiled sweetly. 

"Hello." Louis said waving.

"Let me have those! I'll show you around the house!" Maddi said grabbing my suit cases.

"Alright, thanks." 

"Bathroom." She said pointing.  "Louis and Harry's room." 

"Who's Harry?"  

"Louis' best friend, silly! He is your age!" 

"Oh okay." 

"Yep! Here's my room." She said pointing to the pink and brown room. It was very pretty.

"Now, this is your room! I painted it and picked the funiture out!" The walls were blue with a wooden floor. There was a matching blue carpet in front of my bed. On the wall above my bed, it had 'Beth' printed out in black, fancy letters.

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