Justin’s Point of View

On a list of stupid things I’ve done, going through that portal was at the top of the list. I watched helplessly as Daniel Warring took another step closer towards my friends. Derrick stood in front of the others trying his best not to look afraid.

“You know, there is nothing worse than unwelcome visitors,” Warring said in a cold steady tone.

“Look, Mr. Warring, this is all just a misunderstanding,” Derrick said. “We found one of the portals by mistake. The door was open and curiosity got the best of us. We weren’t planning on going through it, but Justin got a little too close and we just came to get him back. That’s all,” Derrick finished. I had to admit he was pretty convincing. It was a lie close enough to the truth to make it believable.

“An accident? So I assume it’s also an accident that Justin happens to be a Rebel?” Warring asked the anger now evident on his face and in his voice as he roughly pushed up the sleeve of my shirt. I involuntarily winced as he revealed my tattoo, or what was left of it. The tattoo of a penny that symbolized my loyalty to the Rebels now had a large ‘w’ cutting straight through it. It wasn’t a pretty sight; the cut was deep and hurt way more than it looked, and then there was the blood that reached down past my elbow. When Derrick said nothing a smirk played on Daniel Warring’s mouth as he ran a hand through his slicked back dark brown hair.

“I thought not,” he said and with a simple snap of his fingers a handful of Union guards flooded the room. The others had no time to react as the guards dragged each of them to a pole identical to mine. James was the only one trying to fight back. He practically tackled the guard trying to grab Dakota, but unfortunately it didn’t do anyone much good. Eventually they were all up against a pole hands cuffed behind their back.

“What do we have here?” Warring questioned menacingly as he walked in front of each pole giving each one of us a thoughtful look. When he came to me he rolled his eyes and turned to the pole beside me. He stopped abruptly with his eyes fixed on Dakota. I could tell by the look on her face that she didn’t know what to do. With every step he took closer to her the more tense I felt.

“I know you,” Warring said to Dakota. “Have you been captured before?” he asked tilting her head up to get a better look at her face.

“Don’t touch her!” James yelled struggling against his handcuffs.

Daniel Warring ignored James and examined Dakota’s face trying to place her in a memory. She tried her best not to move but she couldn’t stop her hands from twitching behind her back. I dreaded what would come next. James really shouldn’t have let her come. It would be so easy for Warring to send her off the Scientific Facility. I looked back at Dakota and saw her wince while a few tears rolled down her face. I looked back at her hands and instantly knew why. Behind her back, in place of her hands, was a bright orange flame. I heard a small gasp but I couldn’t figure out who it was, because my attention along with everyone else’s was on Dakota. Warring smiled at her, but it wasn’t a nice smile; it was creepy and evil looking.

“Oh, now I remember you,” he said. “You’re the one who burned my guards, the konrope.”

Dakota shook her head quickly, “No, no I’m-“

“Dakota Harris,” Warring finished, “age seventeen, only child, daughter of Kristine Harris. Yes, I know exactly who you are.”

After that everything seemed to blur. I’m not sure if it was the exhaustion or the amount of blood loss, but I felt like I could pass out at any second. The only thing keeping me up was the handcuffs. I could only make out figures. Blonde hair, orange blur, definitely Dakota, I heard quiet sobs and a deep male voice, Warring, I think, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. He said something else that sounded like an order. Three more figures came forward all very bulky, Union guards. Warring made another command and the guards took the handcuffs off of Dakota’s hands. By now the orange blur of the flame had disappeared and Dakota’s sobs had become louder. The guards’ figures moved with Dakota’s and they were heading for what looked like a door. I heard more voices that I was sure belonged to Derrick, Alice, Rolin, and James. I caught a few words here and there and it sounded like they were protesting. Immediately I opened my mouth to do the same but nothing came out. Soon the blur of Dakota and the guards was gone and the protests had stopped. Where’d they take her? Was she coming back?

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