Chapter Thirty: Clubbing and Cheating

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Eleanor came over to me and Harry’s hotel room at around 9pm and we started to get ready to go to a club. She slipped into a tight fitting black dress with a lace back and pulled on some red heels. For her makeup, she had a defined, dark smoky eye and bold red lipstick. Her hair was straight and flowed freely down her back.

I had on a navy blue dress that hugged my figure until the waistline. At the waist, the skirt became more loose and flowy. For my shoes, I had on some strappy black heels. I carefully applied my makeup and curled my hair. At about 10pm, we were ready to go. We met the boys in Louis and Zayn’s room and headed to the car. Paul told us to call him if we needed him and we were off.

We decided to go to the club “Tiger Tiger” and when we got there, I was immediately stunned by the décor. There were several reflective disco balls hanging from the ceiling and the room was lit with a blue light. There was a long, wooden counter by the bar and some booths that you could sit in to drink your beverages. The dance floor was crowded with people dancing and drinking.

“Would you like a drink?” Harry asked me and I nodded.

“Sure. Could you get me a margarita?” I asked him. He strode to the bar and returned with a drink for me and himself. We sat in a booth chatting until we had finished our drinks. Feeling relaxed and loosened up, I grabbed his hand and pulled us to the dance floor. The music was loud and pumping and everyone was having a good time.

“I’ll be right back; I have to run to the loo.” I told Harry and kissed him on his cheek. He grinned and nodded. I walked to the restroom and after going to the bathroom, washed my hands, reapplied my light pink lipstick, and walked back to the dance floor. I looked around for Harry but I couldn’t find him.

“Hey Zayn, have you seen Harry?” I asked the boy who was dancing with a pretty girl with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She smiled at me.

“Hi, I’m Isabel.” I said.

“Hey, I’m Devika.” she responded and shook my hand. I turned back to Zayn.

“No, I haven’t, but I’m sure he’ll turn up.” Zayn replied and then returned to dancing with Devika. I thanked him and then walked around the club, trying to locate him.

I finally spotted his familiar curls in a corner of the club, but he wasn’t alone. There was a red headed girl running her fingers up and down his arm and, just as I was about to walk over, she leaned in and kissed him fully on his lips. Tears stung my eyes as he made no move to push her away. I spun on my heel and hurried out of the club.

“Isabel, what’s wrong?” asked Niall as I walked past him. I just waved my hand and continued outside. Once outside, I called a cab and it hastily pulled up to the curb. I opened the door, told the cab driver the hotel address, and sat in the backseat crying. We arrived at the hotel and I started to get my money out.

“That’s alright, miss. You look like you’ve had a rough night. It’s on the house.” The cab driver said to me. He smiled at me kindly and I thanked him while getting out of the backseat. I walked into the lobby and continued into the elevator. I got a few looks from the hotel employees, probably because my makeup was smeared down my face, but I ignored them and went up to my room.

I rooted through my suitcase angrily and ignored my phone ringing. It was probably Harry and I didn’t want to talk to him right now. I found what I was looking for and pulled out the small box with a red ribbon on it. Inside the black box was a silver Rolex watch that I had planned to give to Harry tonight for his birthday. I threw it onto the bed and grabbed my stuff. I rolled my bags down the hall and set them in front of Louis and Zayn’s door. Luckily enough, a maid was coming down the hall.

“Uh, excuse me?” I called out. She turned to me and I continued. “Could you unlock my door? My friend has the key.” She nodded without questioning me and unlocked the door. I thanked her and brought my stuff inside. I couldn’t talk to Harry tonight; I was just too upset that he had kissed that other girl.

I put my stuff by the couch and quickly took a shower, scrubbing all of the makeup off of my tearstained face. I changed into some sweatpants and a Jack Wills t-shirt and lay on the couch, trying to watch TV to distract myself. I guess I drifted off to sleep, because I soon felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Isabel, what are you doing here?” asked Zayn. Louis was also standing beside him.

“Can I stay here tonight?” I asked. One look at their caring eyes and I broke down crying again. They both sat on either side of me and rubbed my back while I told them what had happened at the club. They agreed to let me stay in their room until we had to leave in the morning for Dublin. We would be heading to their airport for our flight at 10am.

Louis popped in a DVD and we sat on the couch, watching “The Hangover”. When we were about ten minutes in, there was a knock at the door. Louis got up and answered it.

“Louis, have you seen Isabel? She left the club without me and now she’s not answering her phone.” Harry said in a panic. I scowled at the screen as I heard his voice. Harry stopped talking as his eyes landed on me. He quickly stepped over to the couch. He crouched in front of me and grabbed my hands. I yanked them out of his grip, refusing to meet his eyes.

“What have I done?” he asked, while trying to get me to look at him. I just stared off to the side.

“Why don’t you go ask that girl that you were snogging in the club?” I hissed. I could see his face drop.

“Isabel, you don’t understand. She was just a fan. She came onto me!” he said frantically. I looked him in his eyes.

“You didn’t even try to pull away.” I said, my eyes brimming with tears. One slipped down my cheek and Harry wiped it away with his thumb.

“No, don’t touch me.” I snapped and pushed his hands away. “Just leave me alone.”

He slowly stood up, looking hurt and my heart broke a little. I pushed that feeling away and glared at the television. He left the room and Louis shut the door. Louis returned to my side and both of the boys embraced me. We finished watching the movie and decided to go to sleep.

I started to lie down on the couch but Louis wouldn’t let me. He picked me up and carried me to the king sized bed. I started to protest but realized that it wouldn’t do much good.

“Where will you sleep? I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.” I stated.

“I’ll sleep on the couch.” volunteered Zayn.

“Nonsense!” Louis said. “We can all sleep in this bed.” Zayn and I figured out that it wouldn’t do any good to object, so Louis and Zayn slipped into pajamas and lay down on both sides of me. We all fell asleep within minutes.

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