Chapter 1

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Jasmine jumped back and hit something hard. Whipping around she was faced with nothing again. Getting a little creeped out she ran down into the basement calling her mom and dad.

"Mom! Dad! Where are you!?" She screamed, but there was no answer. She turned around slowely and noticed that the door was ajar. Hesitantly walking toward it she opened it more and discovered that the only thing in there was dirt, but she didn't see the back wall. So she climbed in. Crawling in a little farther, she thought it was getting darker in there. All of a sudden, she heard a loud bang. Whipping around she noticed the door was shut, scrambling towards it she searched for a doorknob, but realized there wasn't one. She began slamming into the door with her shoulder, but it wouldn't budge. It seemed to be locked from the outside.

"Help!" She screamed, but nobody came to her rescue. She was leaning forward when she got pulled gback. Flailing her arms and kicking she got pulled back farther and farther, until she could no longer see the door anymore. She finally got thrown onto the ground and turned around, but nobody was there. As she turned back around, hands wrapped around her neck and started choking her. As the grip tightened, her eyes closed more and more until everything went black. 











(A/N Hey, everybody sorry for a short chapter, but you finally know what happens! The next chapter takes place 1 year later, which is the present! Thanks for reading and please fan, vote and comment! xx)

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