Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

"You guys slept together!!!!" Aria squealed

"It wasnt like that!!!" I said exasperated Everyone was like Oh my gosh and all that. But ya I kinda was too...

"Thats so romantic that he stayed to make sure you were safe!!" Alexis exclaimed

" I know right!" I replied I couldn't help it I was thrilled.

Then I noticed Kay wasn't here. "Hey where's Kay?" I asked

"I don't know." everyone said

I tried calling her but there was no answer and Logan didn't either.

"I'm going to go find her." I exclaimed

"I'll come with you." Niambe said

"Great, we got to take your car tho cause I don't have mine."

" Alright." she said and we walked out the door

We decided to go to her house and see if she was there.

"Ding Dong" I rang Kays doorbell

" Coming" Cj yelled from inside That's her little brother he's my sisters age. Kay and I think they should go out. He open the door.

"Oh it's you." he said and slammed the door in my face

"Ouch!!" I grabbed my nose"I just wanted to know of Kays home!" I yelled to Cj. Then the door opened again, this time it was her other brother Jason. He's much nicer.

"Hey Jason is Kay home?" I asked

"No she left a note saying she was going to be at Logan's." he told me

"Oh thanks." I said

"Check the news web page" Niambe suggested "Just incase."

"I had the same idea." I told her I looked at the page, the front headline was "Boy stabbed!! Attacker unknown!"

"Oh my god!" I said. Niambe looked over and saw.

"Come on let's go to Logan's house and see if it was him." Niambe said as she lead me to the car

While we were driving I thought of what could have happened.

Kay could have been over at Logans's house and the killer stabbed Logan and kidnaped Kay. No! Stop jumping to conclusions!! Please let them both be at Logan's house, please! We pulled up in Logan's drive way. I jumped out of the car before the engine was off and was inside his room within 3 seconds. I turned pale there was no one home and blood stains on the computer chair and the floor around it. I looked at his computer, he had been writing a message to Kay.

"Hey I love and miss you. I'm so happy I've found somebody who likes me for me. Not just because I'm a singer. I hope we can be together forever. I just want you to know that. <3 <3 <"

Oh my god, he was almost done too.

"Come on we got to drive to the hospital!" I told Niambe as I climbed into the car. She pulled away from the house and speed toward the hospital.

When we got here I ran up to the lady at the desk. She looked like she was in her early thirties And for some odd reason she had her hair in pink tails. Eww.

" M'am did a hysteric brunette run in here looking for Logan Mahone?"I asked the desk lady

"Yes. He's down that hall and the last door on the right." she directed me

"Than you!" I yelled as I zoomed down the hall As soon as I got there Kay was thrown out of the room by a doctor and landed on her butt, hard.

"Oh my god Kay what did you do?" I said as she looked up at me and Niambe

"I kissed him." She looked horrible, she obviously didn't brush her hair, her clothes didn't match, and she had tears running down her cheeks. I sat down beside her.

"It's going to be ok. The doctors will fix him right up. And on the news they said the wound wasn't sever. I'm sure he'll even be able to come with us to the beach!" I said trying to cheer her up

"Really. that's what you think about. " and she laughed

"Yup, I'm a blonde, can't help it!" and started laughing myself

Then I thought of Cayton. Oh my god! I dialed his number faster than I ever had. Every dial tone seemed to stretch out forever. Finally he answered!

" Oh my gosh Cayton your ok!"

"Um why wouldn't I be?" he asked confused

"Just check the news web page then meet up with us at Aria's." I told him

"Dose it have to be there?!"he wined

"Get over NOW!!" I said urgently

"Ok, ok!!" he said

"Please hurry!" I said

"Alright Hayden." he said sweetly "I love you."

"I love you too." I said to him with my voice sounding very passionate and then I hung up

"Let's go." I said and walked out of the hospital

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