Chapter Two Frustration

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'Ok so let’s get this straight I do have a soul right?' 'Yes you do have one it’s just different than before. Here let me see' and he touched my arm '..well thats strange but you cant be one.' So for a while everything was great but as he told me about it I realized I had stepped into a nightmare.

 'So I said I can only see in three colors?' Yep he said. 'And I have sharp teeth?' Yep he said again. 'And my family doesn’t know me?' Yep he said again. And I got angry I screamed at him is that all you can say yep? Nope he said.

Then I got so angry I did something I thought would never happen I grew a pair of maybe golden wings. At this point im at my limit, 'w-w-w-wings!!!' I exclaimed 'why do I have wings!!!' 'Well I’ll be Emile said 'so you’re a night turner you really have the worst luck.' What does THAT mean?

 I whimpered and my wings spread out im flipping out at this point. 'Now calm down if you’re flying I can’t talk to you.' That’s when realize im about 10 feet off the ground and im about to hit the ceiling. 'Wahhhhh' I screamed and I felt myself falling.

 Then as im giving in to the evil force closing in on me I feel theses arms reaching around me catching me chasing away the evil away from me. I look up at and see Emile with his own pair of jet black wings then I blacked out to his face looking down at me with a definately amused face.


When I woke up I was in a different room one I had never seen before and there was emile sitting in a chair fast asleep. It didn’t take me long to figure out I was in his room it had a stand where he most likely wrote important documents.

 Being my sneaky self I took a peak at some of the pages and noticed they all had that word appearing that he had mentioned before that name he called me a night turner I think it was. I was about to wake him up to ask him what was going on here but when I looked at him he looked so cute and peaceful I just couldn’t wake him so I just watched him sleep till I also grew sleepy and drifted off to sleep as well.


I awoke the second time to a less then pleased Emile. 'Im sorry Talie u known I wouldn’t have disturbed you but someone has gotten word of us we most leave now.' 'That’s right' says a high pitched voice I have never heard before.

 I looked around but when I didn’t see anyone I asked 'who said that.' 'Oh that was me Lady Talie im Sebastian the bat at your service.' Lady Talie I wondered weird bat. Emile said 'that’s enough of you Sebastian now go wait in the car….human form please.'

 'Fine, Fine but if I most leave im driving then by the way.' And suddenly a short very young boy came from a dark corner and bowed to me, snarled at Emile and left. All bad luck seems to follow us that’s bad in our case mumbled Emile.

 'Emile' I said as calmly as i could 'will you kindly explain what’s going on here, first off why did that little boy call me LADY Talie? And why do we have to leave?' Emile sighed 'well I guess I can’t keep it from you or you will be in even more danger.'

I looked at him confused and a little scared 'why would I be in danger I asked.' He sighed again 'I will answer you in the car now can we leave' he said soundly rather annoyed by having to wait for me. 'Fine' I huffed and I got out of bed and looked up at him and said 'you better be ready to explain everything to me.'

 As he lead me out I saw that little boy again and I noticed that he looked similar to Emile and I started to wonder if maybe they were related. Then the little boy spoke and said 'hello Lady Talie (again! I wondered) my I accompany you to the car?' He said this a little too sweet for me but before I could answer him Emile hit him in back of the head.

'What are you a butler? Cut the crap dork.' 'Owww' the little boy squealed and glared at him and stared back at me near tears he whined 'he hit me.' Oh man do I hate crybaby’s I thought again Emile said 'act our age old man.'

 'What?!' I said 'how old are you s-s-s what was your name again.' 'My name is Sebastian and I am one hundred and ten which by the way is very young' he said as matter a factly. 'Well that’s not young enough to act like an infant Seb' sneered Emile. I started laughing they were acting like they were both toddlers.

They just looked at me startled that I was laughing then Emile smiled his now fanged smile and said 'shall we go.' 'Why certainly I would like to know what’s going on here.' As we were walking up the stairs suddenly a flaming arrow is flying past my head. 'Damn it they already found us' Emile scolded 'what did we do to have our crappy luck.'

I stammered 'n-n-now I-I w-want a a-answer a-about why im being shot at.'  Sebastian happily said 'Well didn’t you know you are a rare type of vampire and that everyone wants you dead.'


Hey Guys me again so stayed with me this far hope you enjoyed it so far but why do people want Talie dead youll just to wait and find out ^_^ remember love my story fan comment or vote i await your answer

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