When I got to school the following day Ryan walked right up to me. " Ryan what do you want?" " I know I didn't win you in the auction, but one of these days you will go on a date with me, a night cap also, and you will love it." He said looking in my eyes with his hands in his front pocket. " Ryan, when will no ever be enough for you?" I asked. " When no becomes yes." " Okay, this is goodby now." I said walking past him to my locker where Ashley was standing. " So Ash what are you wearing on your date tonight?" " I don't know, I have to find a place first. I was thinking about my room..how does that sound?" " Desperate. That is not a good look Ash, ask him what he likes first and, then take him somwhere similar to what he likes" I offered my advice. " Good Idea. So if you will excuse me i have to go ask my hottie a question." " Wait, do you know who bought me last night?" I asked already knowing.   " No, after I bought Nick, I left. I was too overjoyed. Sorry, but like you said the school is going to call you." She laughed, walking away. I hoped it was Kyle, it had to be Kyle. But, I didn't see him at school today, i normally do. I would probably see him in Biology...hopefully. Ohh...i wonder how much i was bought for?I will just skip that question.

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