The DoucheMuffin

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Heyy My Smurfs!!(:

so i've decided that the whole plain crashing thing was a bit much so i took it ou of the storyy!! dont hate me?? Anyywhoo, This chappie's song is 'Never Getting Back Together' by Taylor Swift!! and i've found an editor(: thank my sister!! ANYWHOREE!! Enjoy!


After the tattoo artist was finished she put a wrap around the adorable dark blue caligraphy writing that stated 'Livin Life' on either of my wrists.

As i made my way to my apartment, that was located in central london. I started a mental list of things i needed to do before i go to pick up my sister from school. It included packing up my apartment. I would miss my apartment. But i made a promise to Sofia that when she gratuated in a couple of days we would move into an apartment together. I was never really this grown up about things. But i made a promise to her, and i always kept my promises no matter what.

I pulled into the complex building's parking lot, not surprised to see anyone there because it was only Twelve o'clock in the afternoon. I open the door to my KIA and trudged to the fitfh floor were my apartment was. When i finally made it up the stairs, and walked the short distance to my door, I threw it open to reveal a very plush and very pink flat. Everything was tailored to my liking. Either pink, cheetah print, or zebra print. And EVERYTHING matched. I was kinda an OCD freak when it came to things like this.

I walked to my labtop and put on my playlist, and it started playing Don Omar. How i loved Don Omar and all of his sexy baldness. I know i'm still a virgin,- I know I know that's sad But i have morals!!- I could picture myse- RANZA!!! Wow i really need to get a grip!!

I walked over to the closet were i stored the boxes i had used to move in to this place, and moved them stack by stack out to the spacious decorated living room. Somehow losing an article of clothing with every dance move i did. I had kept all these boxes because i knew i would move out of the apartment all along. But i grew attached to it!! And there will be a tear shed the day i move out. After taking some things down from the wall and putting them into boxes, I was growing depressed. So to cheer myself up i went to the white and pink kitchen to make myself a a Strawberry Banana Kool-smoothie. It was a smoothie with Kool-Aid mixed in. With a ton a sugar. And it made me super hyper!! But who REALLY cared. Besides it tastes like rainbows and cupcakes!!

Then i heard my phone blare 'Never Gettin Back Together' by Taylor Swift. I knew exactly who it was. Trent. Uhg. Even the sound of his name in my head dripped with loathing. Trent was my boyfriend. Yes i know what your thinking. Why am i with him? Because his little brother Gage is Sofia's boyfriend and if were to break up Trent that puts things at a level of awkward a turtle wouldn't even be able to decribe. You see when Sofia started to date Gage she mentioned his older brother. She also set up our first date three months ago. She was so insistant on me dating him, i couldn't just say no. But i'm at my wits end with him.

A few nights ago while at dinner, just me and trent, it was nice at first getting back to the way it used to be. Me looking into his bright brown eyes that had flecks of gold. And his red unruley hair that laid upon his eyelashes. And his body. Sweet baby jesus his body. His jaw line clenching when he smiled and his freckles lighter then usual. Everything was going good until his best amigo Elijah walked in. His dark everything. Uhg. He was partly the reason i hated trent now. He made him into this awful douchmuffin clone of himself. I hadn't stopped talking to trent though until he told me to go and fetch him his jacket like the good little bitch i am. I smiled politley, got up, looked him strait in the eye and calmly said "Get your own goddamn jacket you bumbling idiot, because i'm done." He just stared at me in shock. And i walked out the resturant.

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