Pyper James

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Hey, I'm Hdsbella. Um, this is my first story on Wattpad. It doesn't have a title....Yet. Pyper James is just the main character's name. Please tell me what you think. :) P.S. Please don't steal this, I worked really hard on it and it's mine. P.P.S. Ummm, there's a cuss word in this so if you are under like 12 or 13, be careful or dont read it!  P.P.P.S. Sorry about all the Post Scripts (P.S.'s) anyways, this might or not be a romance, I'm not sure yet... Oh! And if you're reading this I salute you :D Thank You! Enjoy! 

I wake up chained to a bathtub. I sit straight up. A metal ringing sounds out and searing pain burns my forehead. Who sets a sleeping person under the spout of a bathtub? I slide to the edge of the tub and get out. I take a look at my surroundings. This is obviously a girl’s bathroom.   With walls that were pink and lime green, the color scheme is tacky at best. I take a step forward, to sort through the stuff that lay on the counter, when there’s a slight tug on my ankle and my legs fly out from under me. I land hard, flat on my face, on a thick snow-white robe lying on the floor. The soft robe absorbs some of the impact, but there was still enough to break something. A sharp crack resounds in my head. My nose gushs blood. Soon, the robe isn't white, it's crimson. I slowly push myself up off the bloodstained tiles. I look in mirror. A girl with grayish-violet eyes looks back, her eyes the color of storm clouds. Her red-brown hair is pulled back into a sloppy low ponytail at the nape of her neck. The corners of her full mouth is pulled into a grimace. There's a large lump on her head, and everything below her nose is stained with blood. I hear voices and footsteps outside the door. “Oh sh*t!” I whisper to myself. I quickly slide into the bathtub and lay down underneath the faucet. I close my eyes, and just in time, too. The door creaks open. The man (Well, I think it was a man) who enters the room, strolls over to me at a leisurely pace and checks me out. If he notices the bloody nose or the bump on my head, he doesn't say anything. Finally whoever it is, picks me up, unlocks the ankle chain and walks out of the room. I stay as still as possible in his arms (I could tell he was man now. He had very muscled arms.). Sometime later, I nodd off with my head against his chest, his heartbeat in my ears.

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