Love Will Find A Way

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It was a fine night. A fine night to fulfill unresolved matters.

A man stared at the door, then the window that was behind him. He had a huge satisfied grin on his face, only by knowing that his plan had already worked as planned. Then he sat on a leather couch that faced the mahogany door.

He waited. And he was very good at being patient. He knew that if he was patient enough, he could get whatever he wanted. Like his old man used to say (well, one of the very little useful things he used to say): "Give time to time".

He heard with his trained ears, the multiple footsteps that got closer to where he was sitting comfortably. He calculated that a group of people were going up the stairs from level one.

It was a luxurious department, with antique furniture, arabian handmade rugs that were spread across the wooden floor, expensive decorations and a huge cut glass lamp in the middle of the living room. It represented clearly that whoever lived there, must have a lot of money.

He had a glass filled with some expensive whiskey in his hand, sipping it slowly, feeling the light tickling that the liquid left in his mouth and the warmth that remained on his throat.

The man was well dressed, with a bluish suit, black shirt, elegant shoes, greyish tie and a classy hat. He glanced at himself ocasionally finding his deep brown eyes fixed upon his outfit, making sure he was dressed well to make a good impression.

At the corner of his eye, from where he was, he stared and picked up a photograph that showed a pale skinned and beautiful young woman. He recognized her instantly, and he also knew what she was capable of when she wanted something badly.

He smiled at the thought of her, and felt even more motivated to do what he was about to do.

Then the agitated steps got closer this time. Then, he knew that his time was about to come.

At that point, he left his glass in a mahogany table, fixed his tie as he got up and started counting backwards, his wide grin not leaving his face.

Three, two, one..... Silence.

A struendous sound cut the emptyness left in the air. There was a cracking sound as two police officers crumbled down the thick wooden door of the entrance, to get themselves an the rest of the police team inside the apartment.

Before the Police Department reached the living room where he was, he was still counting as he took a step backwards, and another, towards the huge window.

He widened the grin even more as he saw the captain of the Police Department, Captain Gregory Turner, ran his way to him. "Stop right there!" he said. Then, he jumped through the window making him fall from the top of a ten story building in that island.

Captain Turner watched him fall to his own death with wide eyes as the water enbraced the man's body.

Then, he ordered the search of the other suspects. Captain Turner was sure they were there.

He felt pity for the man who just commited his own suicide for the sake of a nobody. Well, a nobody worth giving his own life, for that matter.

They searched everywhere but found absolutely nothing. No other suspects and no other body.


Next morning, the Captain offered a press conference with the statements of the FBI's agent he was co-working with, Jack Morgan, where the truth of the case they were working on all this time, would be finally revealed. But, like most of the cases, he spared the extra official details whenever the case was not entirely resolved and until it was sealed in a box in the archives underground.

When the time came, he told to all the presents that the final statement was: His team of investigators and himself made a restless research trying to find the origin of the organized crime in the country.

He also announced that all the clues led to a man, named Joseph Miller, who was the direct partner with one of the pillars of the international crime figures. Part of a famous group of mobsters that were known for making illegal exchanges with international mafia groups. He also confirmed that he was called guilty of many other minimal crimes.

He anounced that Joe was dead, by telling everything that happened the day before except that his team found nothing, not a corpse underwater or the remainings of his body.

The Captain mentioned that part of the investigation was for the moment on hold until further notice or until they found substantial information for them to start another phase of the major case.

What Turner and the world didn't know is that he had fallen into a well planned event.

A decoy.

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