Brittany and Paige arrived back at the school just in time for the last class of the day. It seemed pointless to go back,but Paige had riden her brother's motorcycle to school today,and he still didn't know about it.

the girls parted ways to go to their lockers to grab their needed materials for class,then they headed to class together. Room 203. They walked in along with a few other stragglers just as the bell rang. The shot each other knowing looks as if to say 'right on time,damn we're good',then they took their assigned seats.

Brittany looked at the board and read the dreaded words:

Health Project Today! Don't worry about picking your partners. I've picked for you.

As soon as Britt saw that,she scanned for immediate dangers such as Lucas, Samantha, and Matty.

Sure enough she saw the back of Matty's head and she turned around to find Lucas. Well shit. He caught her look and smirked. Fuck. Look away! Look away!! ... She snapped out of the trance and turned back around. He was going to make a comment after class. Awesome.


Well this is just perfect. Paige got paired with Lucas,and Brittany got paired with Matty. At least it wasn't Brittany with Lucas...

"Alright. Spread out around the room and plan out when you guys can get together to do these assignments and exchange numbers." Miss Burns said.

Brittany stared blankly at her. Was this bitch for real?! Next thing she knew, Matty was pulling up a chair. "Hey stranger." he said softly.

Brittany looked up, "Uhm, Hi."

He sat in the chair backwards facing her and leaned on the desk, "Soo..still have my number or did you delete it?" he asked curiously.

"Uhm..I just deleted it the other day so.. just write it on my arm. Here." she said handing him her purple gel pen.

As he wrote,her eyes widened. How the hell was she supposed to read that?! He looked up smiling and handed her the pen back. She smiled nervously and shoved it back in her pencil bag. This was going to be interesting.

"Still have mine?" she asked.

"Yeah. Didn't have the heart to delete it." he said,watching her face.

Brittany nodded. "Cool.." She turned her attention to Paige who looked like she was going to smack Lucas across the face. He was probably purposely pissing her off. If he was, Paige wasn't having it. She stood up,walked around his side of the desk,and he made the mistake of turning towards her. Then,breaking the silence of the room, a slap across the face was well deserved.

It sounded like it hurt,and sure enough, Paige smirked smugly and Lucas was in shock,holding his hand on his cheek. "Damn girl. You're so hot when you're pissed off."

Paige glared at him and slapped him again.

"OWNES! MITCHELL! OFFICE. NOW." Miss. Burns yelled.

Paige grabbed her things and stormed out of the room. "My pleasure."

"Babe! Come back!" he called trailing after her like a puppy.

Brittany rolled her eyes and bit the side of her cheek. "Some boyfriend." Matty said.

She looked at him, "Ex."

He raised an eyebrow, "What?"

"Ex." She said again, "I broke up with him. He's not my boyfriend anymore.."

Matty looked at her not knowing what to say. Sure he thought it was bad earlier,but ...


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