Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 :)


"I uh..I don't know..maybe..why? Do you like me now?"

"Maybe..I don't know..I haven't really thought about it.." I lie while a smile forms on my face.

"Oh..well, can you think about" He looks nervous. Is Shane Denton actually nervous! I am lovvvinggg this! Finally I'm not the nervous one!

"I don't want to..thinking isn't really my thing." I wink at him. "I mean you said so yourself." What am I doing? Stop liking him! Start hating him!

"That's fine. You don't need to think right now." He leans closer. Butterflies erupt in my stomach like a volcano.

"I always need to think. I'm just not good at it." I reply with a quiver in my voice responding to his now close location. My ears are radiating heat hotter than lava.

He moves slightly closer, his breath warming my upper lip,"Like I said..don't think.." His voice is just loud enough for me to barely hear it. I'm doing it again..i'm falling for him..i'm falling hard and fast.

My ears tingle at the sound of his deep voice and turns my mind off and all my senses on. His eyes are as blue as a sapphire and possess a look of curiosity and desire that sparkles in them as they search mine for that answer I have refused to give. His dark hair, almost like coal, looks perfectly messy as it hangs in his eyes.

A mixture of the ocean and something sweet floats up my nose as his face approaches mine. An aroma so sweet it makes me salivate as it continues to enter my nose.

The sound of hearts beating surrounds my ears. Our breathing almost stops yet our hearts are racing. It's as if they're the only noise in the world and we're the instrument creating it.

Shane's breath tickles my upper lip and he sits less than a breath away. The heat from his body feels like the sun on a summer day in, and heavy.

Like a feather brushing my cheek, his warm hand moves a strand of hair off my face. His hand lingers and fits firmly around my cheek. My eyes flutter shut and my lips part in response as my body aches to be touched..touched by him..his lips.

Thumping sounds of my heart pounding in my chest echo through my mind. I lift my hand up and rest it on his cheek..begging for the gap between us to be closed. My body aches for him as one who was drowning would for air. Why can't he kiss me..just do it. Fill the emptiness I'm feeling. Soothe me..warm me.. Love me.

Years seem to pass before something finally happens. Our heat and breath mix...our hearts pound...the world around us disappears..."I won't hurt you again..I promise.." He whispers..

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