Johns POV

The rays from the sun wakes me. I look down to see my princess Rose sleeping peacefully cuddled into my arms. She looks so calm, so happy. I knew that she'd be better off here with me I kiss her forehead and she smiles,

"Gale?" She says with her eyes still closed

"No," I respond sadly

She opens her eyes frantically at the sound of my voice and snatches herself from my embrace. This action breaks my heart. I watch her sitting on the bed as she begins to cry again. I hate when she cries, I feel as if i want to cry as well. I wish she would just accept that this is her fate and learn to love me,

"John I miss him so much. If you love me then let me go. Ill keep in contact with you I promise," She begs

"No," I say sternly . I get out of bed and put on my robe feeling slightly annoyed.  Last night was everything I always dreamt of, why is she acting this way this morning? "Breakfast is down stairs," I say then leave the room without waiting for her response

I sit in my dinning room eating my spinach omelet alone. Rose does not join me for breakfast. I decide to give her sometime to herself.

After showering and spending a few hours reading I decide to check on Rose. It is late afternoon and she has still eaten nothing. I walk into the bedroom to see her sitting in the same spot with puffy eyes and a red nose. She seems oblivious to my presence,

"Rose?" I ask worried

She continues to stare off into space.

I walk up to her and she meets my gaze. She looks so sad and it kills me. If only I wasn't such a selfish man then I could let her go. But I cant. Shes mine.

I sit on the bed and open my arms inviting her to cuddle. To my extreme pleasure she nests her tiny self into my loving embrace. When in my arms she holds me tightly and cries. I stroke her silky hair trying to console her. I love her so much. She feels perfect in my arms, she was meant to be with me. My heart flutters as I wipe away her tears and press my lips to hers. She doesn't kiss me back but she doesn't recoil from me either.

"Are you hungry?" I ask

She nods

"The cooking crew should have dinner ready. Lets go eat,"

We sit at the table as she picks at her chicken and vegetables. I attempt to make conversation,

"Im not a bad man." I tell her sadly

"I know," She sighs

"Then why cant you just love me? Why cant you give me a chance?" I plead with her

"Because I am in love already. I had a life plan and you canceled all of my plans by keeping me here. How could I ever love you!" She yells

"You will learn to love me in time," I say confidently

She looks at me dubiously and continues to pick at her food. When she is finished we sit by the fireplace and I read a novel while she stares at the flames,

"You have a nice home," She mumbles

I smile excitedly at the fact that she is trying to converse with me,

"Its yours as well now,"

"What am I supposed to do here all day long?" she asks glaring at me

"Anything you want. I have everything here. A gym, a pool, a library, a game room. And anything you want me to get you outside please dont hesitate to ask," I say noticing that she is still in my shirt. My mouth waters for her

she nods.

"Have you showered?" I ask


"Let me show you to the bathroom..."


I walk up the stairs trailing behind John. I am exhausted from crying and I just want to shower and sleep. I cant cry or have pity on myself anymore. I have to find a way back to my dear Gale. Just thinking of his beautiful face brings tears to my eyes, so I block out any images of him. We reach the large bathroom and I look at John waiting for him to leave,

"Can I shower with you? Please?" He begs

"Yes," Maybe If I cooperate and show him kindness then I can convince him to release me

I strip out of the clothes and try to ignore his burning gaze at my naked body. He sets the water and we get in the shower together. I close my eyes and let the steamy hot water relax my muscles. I try to imagine I am home showering before bed. I open my eyes and look at Johns body. For a older man he keeps him self in shape. I lower my gaze and look at his erection. It is very large and attractive. He clears his throat and I look at him and blush. He noticed me staring at his penis. How awkward!

I soap my body as he stares at me nonstop,

"Can I wash your back?" He asks

I feel my hormones involuntary stir up as I respond "Yes,"

He soaps my back so gently and although I hate to admit it, I love the feel of his hands on my skin. He moves closer to me and presses and grinds his erection on my behind. I moan softly. I guide his hands to my breast and he massages and pinches my nipples. I turn around and kiss him lustfully. He bites and kisses on my neck as I moan louder in pleasure. So many thoughts are running through my mind but I only want to focus on the desire that's racing through my veins. He bites and sucks on my breast as I arch my back trying to put my breast deeper in his mouth. His mouth is so warm and his tongue is so soft, it feels like heaven against my breasts. He makes his way lower kissing on my stomach as he gets on his knees and throws my leg over his shoulder and kisses and licks my private area. My body is in a frenzy as my vision is blurred from the steam. The extreme pleasure that I am experiencing is unexplainable and I cant form a coherent thought. I grind my body on his face as his expert tongue explores me. My pleasure is building up to impossible heights and then suddenly I moan at the top of my lungs and explode into a million pieces. I have to grip the shower walls so I wont falls because my legs are weak. That was the best feeling I ever experienced in my life. Now I am even more exhausted but I feel peaceful and relaxed.

I look at John as I blush scarlet and he is grinning at me smugly. We get out the shower and as I am drying my self I start to cry again. What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I keep doing this! I am supposed to be making a plan to escape and find my way back to Gale but instead I am in the shower get pleased orally by this old man!

When he notices me crying he walks over to me but I run from him and back into his bedroom confused and devastated. I fall on my knees and weep thinking about my mothers warm hugs and Gales sweet kisses. I just want to go home. I look up and John is sitting on the bed nude looking at me regretfully. I crawl to him while I am still naked and cry to him,

"Please let me go! Please?"

He shakes his head no.

 I sit on the floor and stare at the carpet, seeing nothing. I don't know how much time has passed but eventually John dresses in his sleeping robe and hands me another one of his shirts. I put it on angrily and go into bed. He is sleeping on the other side of this large bed and I feel alone and cold. The hollow feeling in my heart and stomach returns and I sigh as I scoot closer to him and snuggle myself into his arms. He holds me tightly and his embrace brings me solace. I feel him inhaling the sent of my hair as I drift off to sleep...

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