chapter two = problems

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we were driving home in the car when i saw my girlfriend rikey walking home

my mom pulled up beside her and asked her did she want a lift home

"yes please" said riley and she hopped in the back seat beside me

"so how was your first day back" she asked

"alright i suppose what about you"

" i got into a fight" riley said giddily. "watcha do this time" i said knowing it was going to be something silly

"this girl pushed me in the hall so i threw my book at her and then she started hitting me so i hit her back...and....well the rest is history"

"shudda thrown the book harder..then she wouldnt hav been able to hit you back" my mom said and turned around laughing

"MOM thats not nice haha"i exclaimed

"its funny koz its true" she said and we all laughed "you can drop me off here mrs. Hart" said riley pointing at the corner on the road

"thanks for the lift ross talk cha later" riley said before turning and headed towards her house

I got home and did my homework then went on my facespace page and got a big shock

a few people from school didnt like my neq style and suddenly the whole school was writing stuff like "fuck off you fag emo boy" and "go cut yourself you queer"

I was so upset. I didnt know what to do

i looked at my fone and saw that they had texted me saying "dont bother coming in tomorrow faggit or else youll get it"

i threw my fone at the wall then ran to see if it was okay

"thank god" i said when i hot there and saw that it wasnt broken

i called riley and told her what happened and she said jus not to mind what they said they did the same to her last year and she turned out fine

but she is stronger mentally than i am. she can cope with stuff like that

my mom called me for dinner so i said goodbye

"remember dont give a fuck about what they say its only words" she said before hanging up

"i wish i could" i said to myself then went in to dinner

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