:Chapter Eight:

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Thank you guys soooo much for reading 'Saving Alex'!!!! xx <3 Now here's Austin's Point of view of his morning and life....=D Enjoy...!



❤ C H A P T E R   E I G H T ❤

☯ Austin's P.O.V ☯

"Austin! Come down here now!" Mom sounded drunk...as usual. But when she was drunk, she was usually friends, not alone.

"Coming Mom!" I shouted charging down stairs.

She was on the couch with beer cans scattered around the coffee table. "You didn't clean up in the living room like I asked. You know what that means." My mom glared at me. She sometimes would hit me, but if I were more lucky it was just if she would get mad. And she's always mad.

"Yes, I did mom. It was clean before you came home." I hoped she wouldn't get upset...

"Why do you always lie to me?" She slurred. She got up and slapped me on the head. It didn't hurt that bad. Last time she threw a glass bottle at my leg...Still have a scar.

"Mom..." I stammered.

"Just get out! I wish I never had you, and I wished you let with your father!" She pushed me out of the way as she stumbled to her room, slamming the door. I heard her pop open another beer. I walked up to my room, and slipped into my jeans, my red hoodie and put on my red and white air jordans. I didn't really mind my mom telling me to leave because I was going to leave for Viola's house, to walk her to school.


✰ Viola's P.O.V ✰

"So...that Date thing? When's that happening?" Alex asked, in a chuckle.

"Oh, yeah that Date...Tonight, ey?" I said.

Alex nodded excitedly, "Great. I'll meet you outside McDonald's at five."

I laughed, "Oh...how romantic!" I said sarcastically, as pulled for outside the door to see have seen a familiar face.

"Austin! What are you doing here? I swear, you're stalking me or something!" I said.

"No." He groaned, "I actually came over, to see if you'd like to grab something to eat later...after school I mean." Austin said.

I hesitated, "Er...yeah."

"Great! I'll meet you at McDonald at five." He kissed me goodbye on the cheek and instantly left. What the hell? What about Alex now? Argh!


School finished, and I still didn't figure out what I was going to do about the McDonald thing. Go with Alex? Or go with Austin! I groaned in annoyance.

I made my own way to McDonald and waited for ten minutes after seeing Alex's mustang pull over to the spot next to me. "Neat, Car!" I said.

"Thanks." He replied. "Ready to go?" He asked opening the door in front of me. I closed the door, after he 'unexpectedly' put his arms around my waist.

"A-A-Actually..I'm kinda hungry." I said smiling at hi. He thought for a couple of seconds, but before he answered I started to walk up to the service point (where you order your food), dragging him behind.

"Alright...I had something else in mind...but that's fine too." He grinned. It was a classic red and yellow McDonald  theme. The round tables with metal twisty chairs with red and yellow cushions. There was a heavy lady as a cashier who was looking at her fake nails. You could obviously tell she loved her food.

"Um we would like to order," Alex said walking up to the counter, with his arm still holding my waist.

Before Alex could say anything else I placed my order, "I will have a Big Mac with large fries a large sprite." Alex's face looked a little surprised as his face tilted downwards a little staring at me.

"You have a good appetite for a girl your size." He said smiling, letting out a small laugh. I just sticked out my tongue laughing.

Alex order the same thing but he got a Angus not a Big Mac. We both sat down at a table for two. He tried to act all romantic which made us laugh. I finished first and laughed as his face was frozen in shock that I just downed my meal that fast. I took two of his fries, one of them I ate the other one I threw at his face, but he caught it in his mouth grinning.

"Ready to go to the beach, ey?" I said throwing away my garbage. He nodded stuffing his face with the last of his fries. 

"Ewwwie!" I said smiling. He cracked his knuckles in response. My teeth cringed, I hate the sound when people crack their bones.  "Cracking your knuckles is a dirty habit." I stated while inter twining my fingers with his.


The beach was warm with a small breeze. It felt perfect as I walked down the sand holding my Toms in one hand and him holding his flip flops in his other hand, using our free hands to hand each others. The sand was cold on my toes, because the sun was going down. A smile appeared on my face as I looked out at the sunset. The sun was a orange-ish yellow color, with swirls of pink, purple, and orange sky draping behind it. The ocean was calm and small waves crashed at our feet.

"Viola?" Alex's voice was so sweet sounding and affectionate.

"Hmm?" I responded, looking up at his big Green eyes that stared back into mine.

"Kiss me?" He asked, a little bit of nervousness showing at the tone of how he said it.

"Duke would kill you if he found out...." My voice was a little tense.

"Then, let's not let him find out." He said as he kept staring into my hazel eyes. He hesitated for a second before dropping his socks and Slides, and reaching up with that hand, holding the back of my head as he leaned down a little meeting my lips. I kissed back moving in the motion of his. His lips were so good tasting, then I remembered we just ate McDonald's. 

A couple minutes later we broke the kiss only to take a breathe then continued again. By that time both of his hands were around my waist, and my arms were around his neck. 

I stopped the kiss and he stared into my eyes.

"Up for a dip?" I say letting go of his grasp and stripping out of my main clothes and revealed my peached bra and undes'. I placed my clothes in a pile on top of his shirt and shoes.

"How about a swim." He said, eyes sparkling. Just then he picked me up like a groom picks up his bride and he ran into the water, throwing me into the salty water. A big splash leaped and hit him in the face. I laughed and splashed him until he grabbed me again, wrapping my legs around his waist, my arms around his neck and his arms around my waist. We kissed again as the sun slowly disappeared into the horizon. I forgot about Austin. Dad. Mom. And Duke. Alex was the only one on my mind. I wanted this moment to last forever...

This is how life should be.


Okay, guys. If you find this kinda confusing....I'll just basically tell you what happens in this Chapter...

~Alex sleeps over.

~Viola starts to fall for Alex and he asks her out again...(Well he already asked her in the first chapter and they basically go to MCDonald's.)

~Austin also asks Viola, as well, to go to McDonald's with him.

~Viola picks Alex over Austin, making Austin still waiting for her outside.

~Finally, Viola totally has fallen for Alex as they go to beach and have a little snog :*

Thanks for reading!!!


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