The Invitation

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~Chapter 6~

    It was seven o'clock and I was just getting ready for school when Jake appeared at my front door. My parents had both left for work and Jake had let himself in.

"Hey!" I called, coming down the stairs.

"Hey." Jake smiled. He was holding something behind his back that looked like a garment bag, "So late last night, my cousins called me and invited me to their cottage next week. I accepted and they said I could bring a guest so... you wanna come?"

"Yeah," I bit my lip, "Sounds like fun."

"Great!" Jake said, handing me the garment bag, "Then you'll be needing this."

I unzipped the bag and inside it was a beautiful purple satin party dress, with a white sash and turquoise accents.

"Oh Jake!" I cried, throwing my arms around his neck, "Thank you, it's gorgeous."

"You're welcome," Jake said, "I know it'll look amazing on you. If only it were a bit shorter..." Jake's hands slid down to rest on my butt.

With an amused glance, I said, "Ha ha. Okay, well why will I be needing this dress?"

"There's gonna be a party at the cottage at some point. 'Kay, put the dress away and we'll get going. We're late for school!"

I hurried upstairs and placed the dress, zipped in its bag, on my bed with care. Then dashed downstairs.

Jake and I made it to school just as the warning bell rang.

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