Chapter 15

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Jooyoung POV

After JR left you goes to Aron. His eye is swelling up and turning an ugly purplish color.

"I'm so sorry I wouldn't of asked you to bring me hear if I knew he was going to hit you."

"It’s fine if we got here any later something bad would have happened."

you realize what he means and try to remove the thought of JR killing someone from your head. Oh go look for your first aid kit and patch up his eye as best as you could. A few hours later company enters your house.

"Aron hyung! What happened??" Ren asked with concern.

"JR hit me.”

Minhyun snickers "well we told you so". 

Soon we were having fun talking and laughing when Baekho speaks up,"hey let's play spin the bottle person it lands on does a dare on truth!"

  You go to the cabinet to find an empty bottle and give it to them. First it landed on Aron so Baekho dares him to make him lunch for the Next week. It lands on Ren

"I dare you to go to school with makeup on and wear a girl’s uniform!" Aron says.

"Hah easy!" next turn it lands on you. Ren smiles at you "truth or dare?"


"heehee I dare you to give me a kiss!" Ren says evilly

"hey you can't so that!" shouts Aron

"too bad!" Ren says with an evil grin.

You lean over and give the adorable Ren a kiss on the cheek.

"Yay!" next it lands on Aron he picks dare so you dare him to put on a dress. You run upstairs to your room and grab a frilly pink dress. Aron puts it on and spins around giving us a full view. Baekho takes a few pictures on his phone.

"haha I'm going to send it to our classmates." Aron dives for Baekho phone but misses and ends up sliding across the floor. Everyone starts laughing you play a bit longer

"it's getting late we should go." Minhyun said.

 He was lucky he got away with only having to drive Ren around wherever he wanted for a month while Baekho had to eat a ball of wasabi and Aron had to do the splits. Finally they leave leaving you alone in your house. You start to miss MinKi and wonder where he went. 

The next day you go to school. You go to first period and see a pretty girl enter *is she new?* you follow her with her eyes and she sits right next to you

"hey" the pretty girl says.

You are entranced by her beauty when suddenly she says "HEY!" in a deep manly voice.

"uh do I know you?"

"aww how mean Jooyoung” the pretty girl pouts.

"Ren????!!!!!! Holy cow you look like a girl!!" he gives you a smile and then the teacher walks in. Class begins and ten minutes in the door slams open

"JOOYOUNG! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!" JR yells. *oh boy let hell begin...* 

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