CHAPTER 5- if only


  my had my head on rose's shoulder crying. this has happened every night this week, i would break down every time i saw him or remembered what we did.

  " it will be ok in the end. you and him will be perfectly happy, get married and have little hybrid babies." she said sounding positive. i sniffed "if only. he won't love me, even if we are mates he won't love me." i cried. she sighed and rubbed my shoulder. 'why am i so worked up over this its not like i love him or anything.' i said to myself. ' maybe you do? all whose times you've turned away or blushed when he looked your way. or how he is your every thought. face it you love him or you wouldn't be so worked up.' said the voice in my head.' no i can't its not natural we are sworen enemies. they he looks at me though as if he hurts, he hurts to look at me like he's fighting himself. and his well sculped chest.' i said to myself with a inward sigh.

  " oh my god." "what?" asked rose. " i think i love him." i said still a little shocked at myself. she smiled big enough to show her fangs and jumped up and down. " oh my god, this fantastic!" she yelled giving me a powerful bear hug. i smiled. 'so i guess i'm in love, but its one sided he couldn't feel the same, could he?'


   i desided to take a trip with my uncle to get away from HER. she was all thats was on my mind. when i heard her crying i felt like i would have died, but i can't love her she's a werewolf and i'm a leech. she would never take me anyway after what i did to her.

  "whats the matter nephew you seem distant?" said my uncle claud.i sighed. " you wouldn't understand." i told him. the best thing about my uncle is that he wasn't like my father he was understanding and caring.' oh great i sound like a chick.'i groaned. he sat down on a rock and looked at me. " try me." he said. i sat down beside him. " well i found my soul mate." i told him. he smiled. " but shes a werewolf." i said.

  his smile dimmed but was still there. " i'm fighting with myself on this. one part of me loves her and the other part won't let me love her. what do i do?" i begged. " you love her, simple as that. so what if she is a werewolf. she's your mate, your father won't approve thats for sure but if you want, you could come and live my family and myself?"he said. a smile just as big as his crawled across my face. thats it i will love her if my father thinks he can stop me we will leave and live our life together. i hope.

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