Chapter 8

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Chapter 8-

I started to regain coniousness when I heard people arguing about what to do with me. My eyes might be closed right now but my hearing is excellent.

I kept my eyes closed and I focused on hearing I heard someone's voice say "What do you mean kill her?"

I heard someone else let out a growl and say "Listen the longer she stays alive the more so chance we have of getting caught don't you get it? She's the daughter of the Alpha that killed our leader and I had to take over. He's the reason why Greg is dead."

I didn't hear what the other guy did but I imagin that he was shocked as he asked "If her father killed Greg then why are we killing her instead of him?"

The other guy laughed annoyed saying "We aren't killing him because he took something from us and now it's time for him to pay the price for his dues."

I was shocked in my head because if this is true then my father must be good because my family would only kill for a good reason. When I hear footsteps and a door slam shut I open my eyes and see the man who I wanted to see for years. I should've known his voice but I didn't.

He looked at me and smiled saying "Well, well, well look at what we have here."

I growled showing my teeth and I was about to get up until I realize that I'm tied up and they used metal to tie my chest against the chair and same with my legs. I look down to see that I'm still wearing the bloody hospital gown and it smells of blood.

He laughs and my head snaps up with him saying "Your family will never see you again princess. They lost the right the moment you were born."

I look at him knowing that in my eyes I'm asking why is he doing this to me? He laughs again and says "Pathedic. I'm doing this because I work for the rouges."

I growl and this time it's louder and I try to get free from the tube like metal but I wasn't strong enough to free myself. When I look up I glare but he puts a picture in front of me and says "Say good-bye to your family."

The picture has a boy around five years old and another around three and in the father's arms there's a girl that looks to be around two years old. A boy and I guess me have dirty blonde hair and the second oldest has blondish hair with abit of brown in streaks and everyone has hazel eyes.

Just when I was looking at the father the picture got pulled away and I snapped my head up and I hadn't realized that I had been crying.

I look at John Parker as he points to my father with his black hair he says "Your father killed our leader and now he will pay the price by losing his only daughter. Somehow he knew that we were trying to kill you so he gave you to Melissa and I to take care of you when you were two. So you were to young to remember. He swore that he'd stop the maddness and come back to take you home safely. However I threw him in the wrong direction to kill us and stop us. But he wasn't to sucessful but I was."

My mouth opened wide and he just laughed saying "You don't belive me. I know that but it's true and we plan to go through with it. Trust me you won't feel a thing."

With that he left the room and a guard came in and said "If you try to escape I won't be afraid to put you back to sleep."

He showed me a tazer gun and I growled at it. He came over and tazered me but not enough to knock me out. Just enough to give me a huge head ache. Actually I think that I'd prefer being knocked out.

I look at the guard and he has light brown hair and brown eyes. The sight is getting hazy but I can't help but try to keep myself awake.

The guard turns towards the door when someone came in and said "What are you doing?"

The man pointed to me and said "Guarding the hostage sir."

The man nods his head and says "You're doing a great job."

The guard smiled and says "Thank-you sir!"

The other man walks closer and says "Make sure that she doesn't escape."

The guard holds up the tazer and says "Don't worry I got it"

The man smiled and said "Good because if she escapes we might not get her back. Got it?"

The guard nodded and turned towards me as the man left.

I looked up and the guard walked over and tazerd me harder and longer this time and my body viberated as if I was full of energy but I never am. I'm almost in the darkness but I make my eyes stay open as I try to think of a way to escape but my mind isn't working right and I have no idea why.

As I look at the guard he says "You won't be awake for much longer"

I cough up blood that misses my hospital gown and lands on the ground. I try to look up but my head won't let me. I notice that the longer that I'm awake the harder it is to stay awake.

I let a tear slide down to my face and right before I black out I list things I found out:

I have a family.

My dad's the reason why I'm here.

They love me.

They tried to protect me.

they'll find me.

I really am a werewolf.

I'm not alone.





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